Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quilt Tops

Have you looked through all the quilt tops we have hanging on the racks in the back and thought, "I wonder what they're going to do with these?"
(I know I have. )
We have wall-hangings, table top, runners, Christmas themed, Blocks of the Month, orientals, Halverson, batiks, Lap-size, Queen-size, florals, juveniles and baby things. We have samples of everything!

Today, in preparation for the 2 day Anniversary Weekend, Pearl has marked down quite a large number of these....some are even already quilted. And I don't mean by a little....I'm talking 30%, 40%, 50% and more off! MOST of them also have binding included in the sale price. This is a deal! steal!!

So if you have been thinking, "I'd really like to give a quilt but I don't have time to make one!" here is your chance. Grab one (or two) of these bargains and let a long-armer do the quilting. Or take what you've learned in Mary Green's machine quilting class and put it to good use on a quilt top you are not "personally invested" in. *

Think if it as "Adopt a Quilt Day". You'd be giving it a new and good home.

* Talk about personally invested..... Pearl kept saying, "You made this one. You made this one". Some I didn't even remember doing at all! That's crazy! I wish I had a hotel....I ran out of beds at home.

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