Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mini Quilt BOMs.....

......samples are starting to make their way into Bright Hopes and here I show you two that Georgia made last week.

This is December and October

As you see, the hangers are as whimsical as the designs. Pearl plans to begin the BOM in Jan with February's quilt because it's theme is "Valentine" and how inspiring that will be to get these little quilts completed quickly.

If you are interested in signing up for this Block-of-the-Month, stop by or give us a call.

Pearl's Renaissance

So, she finally finished a quilt she actually gets to KEEP!

Pearl has made this beautiful quilt using Kaffe Fassett fabrics and adapting the pattern, Renaissance by Blue Underground.

This is the repeating block: four of them make the square.

But clever that she is, Pearl reoriented the "four-square" and added sashing to make hers unique. And hurrah for Pearl that this one stays home. Anne Urhy did the machine quilting and if you hurry, you might see it in Bright Hopes Quilting, for a short time anyway.

Tommy the Tiger

Isn't he cute?

This adorable wall-hanging, from Spring Creek NeedleArt is made by Georgia, and although they call him Tomas Tiger, Georgia named him Tommy for Pearl's grandson (who we all know is going to be a Tiger! if Pearl has anything to say about it...)

28" x 30", fusible applique or use your own favorite method. And check out the tiger fabric... it's batik!

New Samples from Mountainpeek Creations to Show

I came in the shop today to find new samples up and feel behind the times! Here is a wall-size version of City Blocks by Mountainpeek Creations that Georgia whipped up using our newest Asian fabrics featuring (what else?) everyone's favorite, Koi. The pattern is intended to be a bed-size finished quilt and Georgia has made only a "block" of the original to give quilters an idea. (well, a wall hanging is also an idea.....) What a gorgeous layout for these prints!

Now we have Mary Gerardi's latest sample, the new pattern Town Square by Mountainpeek Creations, using fresh fabrics in brick-red and turquoise. The squares are large enough to showcase the fabric itself and is an excellent pattern for those "just can't cut it" fabrics.

Folk Dance Quilt Kit

We have bundled this bold new quilt design from Clothworks, Folk Dance. The color scheme is the violet and blue (large) quilt shown.
We have in stock 7 bolts from the product line. The colors are strong and vibrant, clearly inspired by western folk art and measures 61" square.
The kit with instructions and binding included is $57.99.
We will have the sample from Clothworks in the shop shortly so drop by or check back on the post for an update with photo.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 BOM NEW!

I mentioned in the last post that we will be featuring another Block of the Month starting next year and THIS would be it!

How fresh is it? It's so fresh, you won't find anything about it on the internet as of today except here! (Hey I googled it yesterday! Couldn't find a thing) (This, too, shall change)

The fabrics are in Alex Anderson's Elizabeth Anne collection and the quilt was designed by Kit Morse and Julie McAuliffe, Always Quilting.

The color scheme you see in the large center is the one we will offer and if you click on the image, you will be able to see all the lovely blocks.

Nothing overly repetitious about this gorgeous design. It meaures 82" x 99" and will be completed in 8 months, instead of the usual 12.

We are targeting our starting date for the Beginning of March and hope to have a sample up by early January.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back From Market

I popped into the shop and found Pearl and Mona back from the Houston Quilt Market, loaded with wonderful things and more to come.

What's great and surprising is to see how rested they look after! (I was lucky enough to go last year and let me tell you, it's so much fun but utterly exhausting)

Pearl has had in stock many of Little Bits paper piecing patterns (those tiny packages near the register that make wonder mini quilts) and has brought in even more new ones, (and one that I intend to snap up once they get into inventory) some with autumn themes.

LOTS of patterns and if you look hard on the table, that large pink thing left of center is a Sashiko template you have to see to appreciate. Sashiko is that beautiful Japanese quilting/sewing technique. Pearl has some new indigo fabric as well to go along.

That square thing resting on the templates is something new and intriguing. Framed quilts and Pearl has several patterns to show you and they are really lovely. Again, a new direction for fabric.

Anyone who knows me knows I trumpet the use of acrylic templates when making complicated patterns. Pearl has a new set in that make something along the lines of a Marine's Compass or rosette and and quilt pattern to go along.

They have decided on more BOMs for next year: Alex Anderson's Romantic (more on that later, check back after Thursday) and from Patch Abilities look at these

There will be twelve in all and each has a unique themed hanger. I just think they are fun and totally different for a BOM.

I have been told that we will be receiving lots of new fabric over the coming months....(yea!!!!!)

{Oh I realize these descriptions of everything is only a bit maddening... you'll have to stop by soon and see what all they trooped home with. I will update the post with better photos on Thursday, I promise, for those of you who live long-distance and popping in and out is not an option.}

As I leave you now, one more shot of something I saw at the checkout. Look at these great little stocking stuffers! They are sewing kits in mini-barrels. Christmas really is just around the corner now.

Not to rush you or anything. I am the first to cringe and groan when I see the stores haul out halloween candy with Back to School supplies, Christmas trees in October and Valentine's chocolate the day after Christmas. What's the RUSH!?