Monday, January 26, 2009

Reminders! (it's like having a secretary.....)

Just a friendly reminder that Applique Society meets here Thursday, Jan 29 in the morning and Friday, Feb. 6 is Sit and Sew, which is pretty much all day..... hang out and stitch and visit. See what people are getting up to.....

3 New Patterns!

So here you see the three new patterns we have in for the three new fabric lines. You may click on each picture to get a closer view. We have "Swanky", "Bit of Whimsy" and Mary Engelbreit's "Basket of Flowers".

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hoffman Challenge

Okay you quilters and artists out there, sharpen your pencils and your needles! We got the Hoffman Challenge fabric in yesterday:

YEA!!!!! I'm so happy to see one that speaks to me for a change.*

This line is so elegant and smooth-flowing. The prints are just remarkably clean and artfully drawn. (there goes my fourth resolution about holding off new purchases before I use up some of the older stash! Thanks Hoffman!)

If you are an old hand at this obsession, you know everything you need to know about The Hoffman Challenge. But if you're in the dark as to why this is news, please go read up on the Challenge here. You'll see past winners and learn about the history of the Challenge.

It's just a great place to be inspired, as if looking at that swatch isn't inspiring enough. Bring a cup of coffee with you; it's going to be long time before you resurface from that site.

And now to the personal: I did the 2001 Challenge. The fabric was butterflies on black (you can find the fabric on Hoffman's site) and I designed my first original designed quilt and was really proud of myself (if I may say so!) and completed the last hand quilting exactly too late to enter it! HAHAHA it's still hanging in the living room. Oh well.

* Since 2001, the challenge fabrics, while beautiful in their own right, were on the bright side for me. This years' Challenge is spot-on!


I was gone for a week and returned to work yesterday to an explosion of new bolts. We are running out of shelf space.

We have received the new Mary Engelbreit line along with jelly rolls and layer cakes. This is the "Baskets of Flowers" and if you're a fan of her fabrics, here's a picture:

well... that is not the best fabric in the collection to use as the top (not sure why they did THAT!), but the rest get down to good and better still. (grumble..grumble) They are very reflective of the Mary Engelbreit as we have grown to know and love.

Moda has another "pastry" shape: turn-overs! And we got them along with jellys and layer cakes in the Oh Cherry Oh!

Moda's "Fresh" line is here in layer cakes and jelly rolls:

I'm a BIG fan of this one. Love tulips and the colors here are scrumptious.

And then there's Swanky! This line is fun and fresh and ever-so slightly pastel but still bright and cheerful. It reminds me that spring is not that far off.

Oh yes! and Moda has created quilt designs based on these new fabric lines and we have them as well. Check back to see some scanned images of the patterns we have available.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GSQA Seminar Classes

It must be well after Christmas! Once again, "Seminar" has crept up on me and I find that time is running out to sign up for classes at this year's annual weekend in Baton Rouge. But it is not TOO late.

The seminar/retreat is being held March 11 -15 at the Marriot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and as always has a full roster of classes to choose from. This is an excellent time to try your hand at something 180 degrees away from your personal comfort zone or to fine-tune a techinque you already enjoy. It's a new year and time to do alittle stretching!

If you want to pop over to their website to see what's available, here's the link to follow.

The Blue Book is up and all the information you need is right at the fingertips. Isn't technology marvelous?

If you are NOT a member of Gulf States Quilting Asso., fear not. Non-members are welcome to attend classes and GSQA encourages people to learn more about what they are all about.

And lastly, even if you are not a quilter but an admirer of the art/craft or a sewer of any kind, GSQA Seminar is a opportunity to browse the storefront booths set up inside the Marriot to supply fabrics and notions and patterns and books for everyone. It's like a Quilt Mall. In miniature.

Bright Hopes Quilting will have a booth set up and we hope to see you there. Just for grins, let us know if you read about Seminar here. I am curious to know how our blog is doing.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Beginning Quilting Placemat Class

Next Saturday, January 10, Linda Kay is teaching a class for beginners on making a placemat. This would be an excellent class for someone who is somewhat interested in sewing or quilting but not certain if the whole thing is their thing.

The student uses a charm pack and small amount of fabric and batting and working knowledge of a sewing machine. Toss in a few straight pins. There's minimal cutting involved and therefore no need for a rotary cutter, cutting mat or long straight ruler....etc. You can't get much more basic than this.

At the end of the lesson, the student will understand the 1/4" seam allowance rule and how to "sandwich" a quilt and rudimentary machine quilting. Oh yeah, and you'll have one placemat.

So if you are a beginner, a novice or know of someone who fits this category and is looking for what some people would call a hobby (but we tend to view it as a calling) come in or give us a ring and we'll "show you the way".