Friday, January 23, 2009

Hoffman Challenge

Okay you quilters and artists out there, sharpen your pencils and your needles! We got the Hoffman Challenge fabric in yesterday:

YEA!!!!! I'm so happy to see one that speaks to me for a change.*

This line is so elegant and smooth-flowing. The prints are just remarkably clean and artfully drawn. (there goes my fourth resolution about holding off new purchases before I use up some of the older stash! Thanks Hoffman!)

If you are an old hand at this obsession, you know everything you need to know about The Hoffman Challenge. But if you're in the dark as to why this is news, please go read up on the Challenge here. You'll see past winners and learn about the history of the Challenge.

It's just a great place to be inspired, as if looking at that swatch isn't inspiring enough. Bring a cup of coffee with you; it's going to be long time before you resurface from that site.

And now to the personal: I did the 2001 Challenge. The fabric was butterflies on black (you can find the fabric on Hoffman's site) and I designed my first original designed quilt and was really proud of myself (if I may say so!) and completed the last hand quilting exactly too late to enter it! HAHAHA it's still hanging in the living room. Oh well.

* Since 2001, the challenge fabrics, while beautiful in their own right, were on the bright side for me. This years' Challenge is spot-on!

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