Sunday, November 23, 2008

Upcoming paper piecing class

Leslie is working on a class for a Judy Neimeyer pattern coming up in January. The class will be 4 different sessions, because we will work from start to finish. The first class will be cutting out the templates and the foundation patterns. The second class will be cutting your fabrics out. The third class will be sewing on the foundation patterns, and then the fourth will be putting the quilt together. There are three different patterns to choose from, including Hawaiian Star, Thistle Pods, and Starburst. We should have the patterns in soon, and you can check out the Hawaiian Star sample at the shop after Thanksgiving. Please look at the Quiltworx website to see other patterns by Judy Neimeyer, and be inspired! Class schedule will be out around the middle of December, but sign up soon, because this one will fill quickly!

What to do the Charm Packs

Well there are so many quilts out there and we have lots of patterns and books available.
Here's an idea: This quilt was made by M'liss using only 5" squares and light cream sashing and isn't it neat! The fabric line is called "Wild Bunch" by RJR and I think this result is fabulous!
* It looks like is retreating into space because that is how it is hung in the shop, on a folding screen. In reality, the quilt is very geometric and squared. (cool effect though, huh?)

"Rays of Light" Cross

This wallhanging is one four in a pattern called "Rays of Light". The other three panels show the stained glass pattern in the words: Faith, Hope and Love.

It's a fusible applique and a small amount of straight-seams sewing. These would make great Chrismas presents, fast, easy and dramatic. The Cross is on display at the shop.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby Genius Grows Up

Remember a few years ago when the "Baby Genius" fabric came out and we saw so many great baby quilts pass thru the shop using the line? Well, "Baby Genius" is growing up and on the way Benartex brings us even more eye-catching and "busy" motifs, just what a growing child needs to stimulate the "little grey cells" as they too are growing.

Here we used the entire line in stock with "Tutti Frutti" as the quilt design and bring it all together in a large fast-to-make quilt, great for a birthday present for toddlers, pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. Some of those fabrics are even terrific for young budding scientists. Click on the photo and see the atoms and double helixes up-close!
And yes! the sign does indeed say "Kits Available".

What's Leslie Up To?

We get that question, ALOT!

Answer: Plenty! Here ya go:

If you look back a few posts to Nov 3., you'll see the fabric line she used to make this stunning quilt. It's using the "Stack n Whack" technique and makes a beautiful, mosaic-inspired design.

Halos Aren't Just for Angels

What is this??!!!!

It's a quilting halo and is invaluable when machine quilting on your sewing machine. Instead of gripping the fabric with your hands and moving the layers, this halo lays on top and with it's added weight and slightly roughen surface, it does the gripping work for you!

No more tired thumb muscles. Now you can concentrate on making beautiful designs on your quilttops

Friday, November 21, 2008

Jamestown BOM Up-Date

I told you "good things come those who wait"!!!

Here are the two color ranges we have chosen for
"Jamestown", one of our 2009 BOMs. The red/green is printed cotton the Morningstar line from P & B textiles and the green/purple are batiks.

This is just to give you an idea of what the final quilts will be made up of so you can decide if you'd like to sign up for either (or both) Blocks of the Month. The finished size is Queen and you will actually make enough blocks that by changing the layout and adding a different border you would end up with a King-size quilt. The choice is up to you (and your budget).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Classes are Fun!

Linda Kay has two classes back-to-back this weeknd and if you have never taken a class in quilting, you need to pop in during classtime and see what fun they can be:

This is the class yesterday making the Jelly Bags bag, a jellyroll friendly fast handbag that is a kick to make and more fun to use. People will stop you and ask where you got it!

Why the Format?

Welcome to the new readers........ in case you are wondering why the blog looks the way it does, I have a few explanations to relate.

The pictures we add are small so that it doesn't take up time and space on everyone's computers to download. If you want to see a larger image of any picture, simply click on it and it will open in a new window and in a larger format so you can see details of fabrics or quilts.

The columns can look strange on individual browsers. Some may appear normal, some rather narrow. Two reasons I can come up with: 1. The browser I use to create the posts may be different from the one you use to cruise the "innertubes". What I see may not be what you see. and 2. I'm new to this and have been learning quickly to get just this far. Bear with me as I fine-tune the product.
Don't be surprised if the "look" of our blog changes over the course of time. Hopefully it will get only better.

Do notice, if you are new to blogging, that you may comment on what you read and see here at BHQblog. Below each post is a Comment button so feel free to write your observations. We are a polite group of stitchers and want our blog to reflect this.

Most anything you may see on the postings will be available in the store but if you can't get to us physically, please call and place mail orders. Obviously, once a fabric line is sold out, we may not be able to reorder. The same is true books that go out of print. But we do our best to chase down special requests.

Happy blogging!

Laurel Burch

has just arrived:

(to see a close-up of any fabric, please click on the photo)

You can see we have lots of "friends" of the panel fabric on the shelf. Laurel Burch continues to be one of our most popular fabric lines.

This series is called "Secret Jungle" and has an ambition collection of wild animals, not the usual dogs and cats. My personal favorites in the complementary fabrics has to be the giraffe tiles. Great for so many blocks. Check it out:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Blocks of the Month 2009

Oh, it's so TEMPTING to show you the patterns we have in mind for our up-coming BOMs but you wouldn't see them in the colors WE are using.... so while this post might be annoying, keep in mind:
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait and oh, yeah..... are they ever good!

Jamestown: by Marti Michell, 12 unique blocks and 23 Log Cabins make up the elements for this queen size BOM and we will have two fabric lines to choose from, batiks and Morningstar by P & B Textiles We will focus in on the red, green and yellow fabrics..... not all in this swatch will be used. We are working on the sample and will post all as soon as they are complete.

If applique is your thing, we have a lovely Quilts in Bloom 12 month BOM. This is one where you choose your background to suit your own sensiblities and we do the rest (except the piecing, of course! That's your job) we bundle all the additional fabrics each month for the baskets and flowers.

Don't think a 12 month commitment is in the cards this year but nevertheless don't want to be left out of the fun? We have that covered too:
a seasonal 6 month BOM that can be made into a large wall hanging or sofa throw quilt. This quilt is made with both pieced blocks and fusible machine applique or can be done with turned applique if you prefer. Our BOM will be done in batiks...... Come back to see our version soon!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Very Hungry Caterpillar

Remember the Eric Carle story we read to our kids? Well Andover Fabrics has printed a fabric line based on the tale and we've got the bolts

Pearl has completed the sample and it's on display at the shop. You can download a copy of the pattern from It's called Kids' Strippy Quilt.

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Fabric Arriving!

Like I said, we're already (!) getting in new fabric from Market. Take a look at these beauties from Robert Kaufman:

Not exactly asian, very rich in color and design. Imagine using the focal fabrics as a kaleidescope or in a "Stack n Whack".

Let's not forget Mardi Gras (as if.....) it's just around the holiday corner and we have three elegant & sparkling bolts to get you in the mood.

Something simple, perhaps a table-runner. (psst. It doesn't always have to be a big project, like a quilt.)

Just a few new things here at Bright Hopes Quilting.