Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why the Format?

Welcome to the new readers........ in case you are wondering why the blog looks the way it does, I have a few explanations to relate.

The pictures we add are small so that it doesn't take up time and space on everyone's computers to download. If you want to see a larger image of any picture, simply click on it and it will open in a new window and in a larger format so you can see details of fabrics or quilts.

The columns can look strange on individual browsers. Some may appear normal, some rather narrow. Two reasons I can come up with: 1. The browser I use to create the posts may be different from the one you use to cruise the "innertubes". What I see may not be what you see. and 2. I'm new to this and have been learning quickly to get just this far. Bear with me as I fine-tune the product.
Don't be surprised if the "look" of our blog changes over the course of time. Hopefully it will get only better.

Do notice, if you are new to blogging, that you may comment on what you read and see here at BHQblog. Below each post is a Comment button so feel free to write your observations. We are a polite group of stitchers and want our blog to reflect this.

Most anything you may see on the postings will be available in the store but if you can't get to us physically, please call and place mail orders. Obviously, once a fabric line is sold out, we may not be able to reorder. The same is true books that go out of print. But we do our best to chase down special requests.

Happy blogging!


anitadarling said...

Dear Pearl and those wonderful Ladies at Bright Hopes,
You are my first blog anything and I'm happy to be christened by you! The Blog looks great and even better to this Bright Hopes shopper who is in Florida for an extended stay. Pearl it's great to know I don't have to be there to shop! Lots of Love! Ana

985-845-9554 said...

Thank you!!!! Thanks for dropping by the blog and checking us out..... it really makes making the blog fun to know someone has spent a few minutes just relaxing and seeing what the heck we're up to.
Have a lovely time in FL....and lots of pie!