Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quilt Tops

Have you looked through all the quilt tops we have hanging on the racks in the back and thought, "I wonder what they're going to do with these?"
(I know I have. )
We have wall-hangings, table top, runners, Christmas themed, Blocks of the Month, orientals, Halverson, batiks, Lap-size, Queen-size, florals, juveniles and baby things. We have samples of everything!

Today, in preparation for the 2 day Anniversary Weekend, Pearl has marked down quite a large number of these....some are even already quilted. And I don't mean by a little....I'm talking 30%, 40%, 50% and more off! MOST of them also have binding included in the sale price. This is a deal! steal!!

So if you have been thinking, "I'd really like to give a quilt but I don't have time to make one!" here is your chance. Grab one (or two) of these bargains and let a long-armer do the quilting. Or take what you've learned in Mary Green's machine quilting class and put it to good use on a quilt top you are not "personally invested" in. *

Think if it as "Adopt a Quilt Day". You'd be giving it a new and good home.

* Talk about personally invested..... Pearl kept saying, "You made this one. You made this one". Some I didn't even remember doing at all! That's crazy! I wish I had a hotel....I ran out of beds at home.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

7th Anniversary Week _ Up Dated!

It's been 7 years this week since Pearl opened the doors to the North Shore's first truly "quilt" shop and I have a hard time wrapping my head around this! (And I was THERE that day!)

7 years! Can it be?

All those fabrics that walked out the door and back in again, sliced and diced, and then reworked into art and design. It's been a pleasure and a privilege to witness a large number of both events. Seeing finished quilts is, to me, like having the museum bring framed paintings to my living room. Now, that may never happen (except in dreams) but it does (almost every Thursday) when ya'll come in with your completed projects and it is such a treat. So thank you for sharing!

OK, back to the topic..... Friday and Saturday we are celebrating the end of the 7th and the start of our 8th year. Please drop in and see what Pearl and the crew have done as the "theme" of 7. I will not, repeat, will not reveal this now.

It's early Tuesday morning and when she gives me the green light, I will up-date this post to reflect the info. And anything else she is ready to show and tell.

Ok, the newsletter went out so I am posting shots of our "RAINBOW" inspired quilts:

Rainbow 4 Squares

Moonlight Garden

Line Em Up!


So there you have the 4 newest quilts from Bright Hopes and we have kits cut and bundled. Pearl has new patterns and notions and books in stock. As if I even have to mention it, new fabric lines are pouring in and here is quilt Linda Kay whipped up:


Now, scope out the email we sent for more information on products you'll find, sale items & Anniversary specials and remember we are open to celebrate Friday AND Saturday from 9:30 to 4:oo pm.

(Ask about the new Red White and Blues! the Red Stripe is great!)


Kaffe Fassett blocks are starting to show up and we have all the (so far) blocks mounted on a board. I think Pearl is going to extend the entry date a wee longer so, if you are joining in, bring em on! If you are sitting on a fence, come see the lovely blocks you could win! Each block you enter gives you another chance at the drawing. You KNOW you have some Kaffe F in your stashing, just callin' your name....... beckoning....... cajoling...... "Cut me......... you know you want to!"

Friday, September 10, 2010

7th Anniversary Challenge

If you got the last newsletter, you read about Pearl's new challenge. If you haven't read it and are now reading this, let me fill you in!

We love Kaffe Fassett fabrics and so do lots of you. Others are attracted to them but just don't know how to use them effectively. So Pearl is holding a "challenge" of sorts. The challenge is to make just one 12" finished block using at least one KF fabric. That's it! Well, almost.

All this month, when you make a 12" FINISHED (that means it measures 12.5" edge to edge) block using Kaffe Fassett fabrics and bring it in, it gets added to the pile and you get one chance to win a pile of blocks! If you make two, you get two chances! Etc.

You can use any Kaffe fabric you happen to have on hand. (If you want to join the fun and don't have any, well, you know we have a selection like no other! ) They can be "fresh" or 4 years old..... the blocks can be simple as rail fence or a complicated star. The only restrictions are:

  1. at least one Kaffe Fassett fabric in the block
  2. 12.5" square unfinished. Please please please make sure it measures 12.5" so they are all the same and easier to use for the lucky winner.
  3. Your name should be pinned to the
Easy, right?

Now, how much the winner(s) actually win(s) will depend on the turn out. We are hoping there is a tremendous response so we can break down the collections into several piles. Based only on what we saw with the Lollipop Challenge, there are a lot of you that like challenges!

We already have received blocks and here is the FIRST of mine.

I say "first" because I intend to make several. Hey! I wanna win!

OK, now you have all month long in September to work on this so make 'em and bring them in as you go and Pearl will let us know at the end how many we received in total and who all wins. I can't wait to announce it on Thursday September 30.

Ok 2 more:

Now it's ya'll's turn!

(y'all's turn.... is that like a cheese?)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

September Goodies

Here are some luscious new fabrics we just got in! I am crazy about this:

They are by Westminster Fabrics and a new designer from Brighton, England, Dan Bennett. So cool!

And these cheerful flowers from Lakehouse. They remind me of a candy from my childhood.

These fabrics would be perfect for a school tote for girls, a throw quilt or how about this!:

Honey Bun Poufs! (floor pillows.) Don't let the name throw you; you don't use "honey buns" (those thinner jelly rolls) ........ these "poufs" are 24" and 30" wide.

Now when you have had enough with (well, can we really ever have enough?) sewing for the day, here's a good read that keeps giving chuckles.
And when you're finished, pass it over to your spouse so he/she can know there is someone out there who walks in their crocs. I have read the author, Mark Hyland, is giving a portion of his proceeds to the Linus Project! What a good man!

Linda Kay held her third Biscuit Basket class, this time with 6 students. Here are the results:

Pretty snazzy!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Things!

Do you enjoy free-motion quilting but find the gloves you use to grip the sandwich a little stiffling? These new Betty Bands might be just the thing for you! The gripper in in the palm of your hand,leaving your fingertips free and breezy.

If Sampler quilts are your thing and you have a hankering for a new look, here is the Six Halves Makes a Whole Sampler by The Quilt Branch.

Starting with 6 half-yard cuts, you assemble this lovely, almost "venetian-tile" quilt. As an added bonus, the book includes instructions for table runner and a tote bag.

Linda Kay has offered the Biscuit Basket as a class several times now, and has another class coming up (sorry, ya'll. It's full but hop on the waiting list for the next one!) and Pearl just got in this roll of pre-cut heavy-weight stablizer. I have been told it cuts the assembly time down considerably so if you were planning on knocking out a few for gifts, you might give this a try.

Heads UP!

We are closed on Saturday and Monday for Labor Day. If you were planning to stop by, make it Friday! Or Tuesday..... or come back on Thursday so I can visit!

And have a safe holiday.