Thursday, September 9, 2010

September Goodies

Here are some luscious new fabrics we just got in! I am crazy about this:

They are by Westminster Fabrics and a new designer from Brighton, England, Dan Bennett. So cool!

And these cheerful flowers from Lakehouse. They remind me of a candy from my childhood.

These fabrics would be perfect for a school tote for girls, a throw quilt or how about this!:

Honey Bun Poufs! (floor pillows.) Don't let the name throw you; you don't use "honey buns" (those thinner jelly rolls) ........ these "poufs" are 24" and 30" wide.

Now when you have had enough with (well, can we really ever have enough?) sewing for the day, here's a good read that keeps giving chuckles.
And when you're finished, pass it over to your spouse so he/she can know there is someone out there who walks in their crocs. I have read the author, Mark Hyland, is giving a portion of his proceeds to the Linus Project! What a good man!

Linda Kay held her third Biscuit Basket class, this time with 6 students. Here are the results:

Pretty snazzy!

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