Friday, September 10, 2010

7th Anniversary Challenge

If you got the last newsletter, you read about Pearl's new challenge. If you haven't read it and are now reading this, let me fill you in!

We love Kaffe Fassett fabrics and so do lots of you. Others are attracted to them but just don't know how to use them effectively. So Pearl is holding a "challenge" of sorts. The challenge is to make just one 12" finished block using at least one KF fabric. That's it! Well, almost.

All this month, when you make a 12" FINISHED (that means it measures 12.5" edge to edge) block using Kaffe Fassett fabrics and bring it in, it gets added to the pile and you get one chance to win a pile of blocks! If you make two, you get two chances! Etc.

You can use any Kaffe fabric you happen to have on hand. (If you want to join the fun and don't have any, well, you know we have a selection like no other! ) They can be "fresh" or 4 years old..... the blocks can be simple as rail fence or a complicated star. The only restrictions are:

  1. at least one Kaffe Fassett fabric in the block
  2. 12.5" square unfinished. Please please please make sure it measures 12.5" so they are all the same and easier to use for the lucky winner.
  3. Your name should be pinned to the
Easy, right?

Now, how much the winner(s) actually win(s) will depend on the turn out. We are hoping there is a tremendous response so we can break down the collections into several piles. Based only on what we saw with the Lollipop Challenge, there are a lot of you that like challenges!

We already have received blocks and here is the FIRST of mine.

I say "first" because I intend to make several. Hey! I wanna win!

OK, now you have all month long in September to work on this so make 'em and bring them in as you go and Pearl will let us know at the end how many we received in total and who all wins. I can't wait to announce it on Thursday September 30.

Ok 2 more:

Now it's ya'll's turn!

(y'all's turn.... is that like a cheese?)

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