Monday, May 30, 2011

The Giving Quilt, Inc Show

There has been so much going on lately that I unfortunately have only just gotten around to writing an up-date post on a show I attended a few weeks back.

You may recall my mentioning The Giving Quilt, Inc and a show they held at the St. Gabriel Community Center..... and asking for donation quilts to be on display and then handed over to the charity of your choosing. Well..... I arrived in St. Gabriel around 12:30 in the afternoon and met Candy Bergeron over by the rooms that were abuzz in activity. She showed me around and explained that here "lasagne" quilts were being constructed..... and prepared for future donation.

(These are "lasagne" quilts finished)

Here we have tables of machines and ladies whirring out pillowcases galore and you can see the ironing station in the background.
Everyone was invited to join in for however long you could and this drives home the point that many hands do indeed make for lighter work. But, it wasn't until I made my way into the large auditorium that the true magnitude of this was apparent.

There were hundreds of quilts. Hundreds. Here you see behind the people seated all the premmie quilts; there were over 150 of them alone!

You cannot believe how many quilts were hung for viewing for just one day! and then donated! It was amazing to see the quantity and then the quality of these beautiful quilts. It is a magnificent outpouring of love for strangers in need that propelled this endeavor.

The women who accepted the quilts for their various organizations were given an opportunity to tell who they represented and what they did and, truly, the need out there is great. For the sick, for the battered, for the elderly and infirm and for the smallest of us. Even for the animals.

Here, a Girl Scout group sewed comfort pads for animals in a local area shelter, Capital Area Animal Welfare Society.

So, in the wake of all these weather-related calamities across the States, here comes another call-out for donations...... if you have a stash of fabrics and want to "do something", make a quilt. Make pillow cases. Contact your local quilt shop and ask if they know a drop off point or contact The Giving Quilt, Inc. They'll get your quilt into good hands and believe me, these people do care.

An added bonus for us lucky to be there was the traveling exhibit of Hoffman Challenge quilts.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chenille Rug Slash-Cutter - It's a Blast!

You may have seen us discussing this chenille rug slash-cutter in the shop lately and, if you are anything like me, you may have been intrigued.......

After our demo-days, I bought one and some yardage and ...voila!

I LOVE IT!!!!!

It is SO easy and so effective. Now, I'm wandering around the shop, seeing fabric with new eyes!

This CUTE CUTE CUTE rug was made by Mary Green and she used the Hungry Caterpiller panel..... see what I mean? New eyes, I'm telling you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kathy Brown's Strip-Smart Quilts

Kathy Brown + Creative Grids =

You have to take a look at this new book and cast a glance at your stash of Jelly Rolls. Here are 16 wonderfully different takes on an easy technique that uses strips. It's all in the knowing how, right?

My personal favorite is "Family Vacation" and that might be because batiks were used. Or it might be because of the intricacies of the overall design. Or it might be because of the secondary design that sneaks up on you.

Kathy is going to be here at Bright Hopes Quilting on Saturday, June 4 for a Trunk Show and book signing. If you had the great fortune to be here last year for her Take Five book release, you surely remember a good time was had by all.

Strip-Smart Quilts: $24.99

The Modern Quilting Bee and Bake Shop Goodies

Fresh Fabric Treats by Moda Bake Shop designers 16 projects using jelly rolls, layer cakes and more.... pouches, techno bags, travel jewelry rollup, baby quilts (I squealed!) (this one is too sweet!)
so many fun ways to use your pastry collection. $21.95

The Modern Quilting Bee block party (The Journey of 12 Women, 1 Blog & 12 Improvisional Projects. Now quilting has come along way since the rotary cutter was bestowed upon us and next to that must surely be the internet phenomenon. You are here reading this blog and I bet you spend a fair amount of time cruising the 'tubes' in search of information on this shared passion of ours.

Well, perhaps our not-so-distant foremothers were meeting for those rare social visits while catching up on news and stitching. However, they are not unlike some of us today. Far-flung to say the least and eager to share our knowledge with friendly souls. But instead of the monthly or seasonal "bee", today we can visit each other daily or even hourly on-line in this "virtual" quilting bee world.

The women in this book, The Modern Quilting Bee Block Party came together on the internet and have created a looser, artistic approach to quilt-making. Rather than "strict" rules for cutting and piecing with precision, they cheerful abandon the norm and break new ground. This is quite the opposite to what I have grown accustomed to and rather refreshing! $21.95

Dresden Plate Meets LSU and More!

Janet Crosslin came in with 2 beautiful quilts I wanted to share with you... This one is an exquisite 3-D Dresden Plate in LSU colors (Geaux Tigers!)

..... and this lovely hand-appliqued sampler/ folk-art-like beauty done in the French General fabrics.....

Please click on either of them to get a closer look..... the quilting is outstanding!

We have been receiving new Halloween fabric this month and Carolyn

Sharon M made this cute 3-6-9 quilt with our array..... love the kitties hiding behind the pumpkins

Friday, May 6, 2011

Let Freedom Ring Fabric Panel

Here is that Let Freedom Ring panel I mentioned in our recent emailing....... It's by Wing and A Prayer and Timeless Treasures.

As you see, the panel includes the Pledge of Allegiance, the Preamble to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, along with several labels and God Bless America center square...... enough to make some to keep and some to give!