Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Modern Quilting Bee and Bake Shop Goodies

Fresh Fabric Treats by Moda Bake Shop designers 16 projects using jelly rolls, layer cakes and more.... pouches, techno bags, travel jewelry rollup, baby quilts (I squealed!) (this one is too sweet!)
so many fun ways to use your pastry collection. $21.95

The Modern Quilting Bee block party (The Journey of 12 Women, 1 Blog & 12 Improvisional Projects. Now quilting has come along way since the rotary cutter was bestowed upon us and next to that must surely be the internet phenomenon. You are here reading this blog and I bet you spend a fair amount of time cruising the 'tubes' in search of information on this shared passion of ours.

Well, perhaps our not-so-distant foremothers were meeting for those rare social visits while catching up on news and stitching. However, they are not unlike some of us today. Far-flung to say the least and eager to share our knowledge with friendly souls. But instead of the monthly or seasonal "bee", today we can visit each other daily or even hourly on-line in this "virtual" quilting bee world.

The women in this book, The Modern Quilting Bee Block Party came together on the internet and have created a looser, artistic approach to quilt-making. Rather than "strict" rules for cutting and piecing with precision, they cheerful abandon the norm and break new ground. This is quite the opposite to what I have grown accustomed to and rather refreshing! $21.95

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