Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An Applique Moment

The quilting world has lost one of our brightest stars today with Patricia Campbell's passing.  She LOVED using bright colors, and, therefore, saw NO reason why an applique background needed to be white, or tan, or beige.  Why not use magenta? Her applique designs are unique, just as she was.  Take a few minutes today to applique a bit in her memory.  I'm sure she has her needle in her hand too!

>>> Here comes Chris, horning in on Georgia's post to show a Patricia Campell Jacobean Applique that Leslie made as one of our BOMs from back in 2007, I think..... such beautiful design!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

McCall's Has Something For You!

As we approach National/Worldwide Quilting Day (this Saturday!) I would like to share this offer from the good people at McCall's Quilting Magazine.

McCall's Quilting Magazine has been inspiring us for many years and we take away so much information from their publications. I especially love it when their close-up photos reveal the machine quilting!

Well, here is link that will take you to their website where you can download a free eBook containing 3 patterns for Modern Quilts.

This one is Baubles and Beads designed by Susan Guzman.
What an awesome and welcoming quilt in time for Spring!

Now, I am going to tease you and not show the other two, but suffice it say, one is quilt-as-you-go and the other features half-square triangles. For the Modern Enthusiast, this third one will be a springboard for leaping into the deep-end of the Modern pool!

Have fun & let us see what you make from this nice book!

Thanks! McCall's Quilting Magazine!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Up-Date - National Quilting Day And FQ SWAP

Fun at Bright Hopes Quilting!

Do you have fat quarters laying around that you just aren't that into any longer? Oh, you bought them with the very best of intentions but they have not made it into one of your projects! Well!

We are hosting a Fat Quarter Swap  this coming Saturday, March 16. If you have some unused fat quarters and would like to exchange them with fellow stitchers, here is your chance!

 Bundle 6 unused fat quarters and tie them up with ribbon. They ought to have some common theme, like nursery colors, batiks, or Christmas, or 'blenders'. Keep in mind, other quilters will be expecting to trade theirs for yours. (And double-check that you have't taken any small bite out of them. They should be completely 18" x 22".)
Then join us at 9 am to swap with others. You may bring as many bundles as you like and will take home the same number but hopefully not your own! 
Every one who participates will receive a free pattern that uses 12 fat quarters and some yardage, (which you may also already have in your stash!) We have several patterns to choose from as well, so you can really get started on something new for Spring.

Remember, the door opens early Saturday, March 16 at 9am and the 'Swap" will end before the scheduled class begins at 10:00am. We'll have something to nibble on as you visit and swap & we are very excited to see what you come up with.

Start National Quilting Day off with Bright Hopes Quilting!

Thank You to the ladies who participated in the swap. I really like the selection of 'taupes" I came away with!!!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pearl and Mary go to QuiltCon!

Recently, Mary and I attended QuiltCon in Austin, Tx.  QuiltCon is the first time Modern Quilting has been brought together as an exhibit and conference.  From the moment we walked through the entrance, we had a blast!  Feeling like a pinball, or two, we bounced from one great quilt to an intriguing display to yet another stop.  In addition to wandering the room full of quilts and vendors, there was the opportunity to hear lectures from leaders in the Modern Quilt movement. 
Viewer's Choice
Paper Shredder

The question arises, so what is Modern Quilting?  Answering that question is one reason we attended Quiltcon, as if we needed a reason other than to see great quilts and learn more!  Seeing the quilts and hearing the lectures enabled us to distill the elements and guidelines of Modern Quilting.

Rhythm & Blues

Here is the list, based on a lecture by Heather Grant, along with lots of Show and Tell.  Heather's analogy of a salad bar was helpful in understanding how these principles work together.  She explains that all these

principles are available, but choices don't have to include most or all of the design principles. 

1-Use of negative space
2-No borders
4-Graphic color palettes
5-Improvisational piecing
7-Alternate gridwork
9-Exaggerated scale

 Here are a few of the quilts that I was particularly excited about!

Rainbow Blocks

 I have included the names of quilts for the ones I knew. I was so caught up in the visual bombardment that I did not get them all. All apologies to the artists.

Carpenter's Square

Don't Box Me In



Every time I look at the pictures of the QuiltCon pictures, I rethink what my favorite is!  Which ones do you like? I hope you have enjoyed this overview as much as we did being there.

  Maybe you will see inspiration for your next quilt! 
 So......When is the next QuiltCon???

Our next Bright Hopes Quilting post will have more pictures-these will be Mary's assortment.

This post was written by Pearl.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cherry Blossom Quilting


Okay, let me back up the truck real quick and "esplain myself".

Last Thursday while I was working my usual shift, the designer from Cherry Blossom Quilting Studio came to Bright Hopes Quilting and quietly introduced herself........ then she brought in some of her work and the other shoe fell.
 (You've seen this pattern, haven't you!?)


allow me a moment to compose myself....
(I told you I was a groupie!)

When you see a photograph of a neat quilt, you go "Oohhh that's NICE!"

When you see the real thing, in front of you in all it's glory and the detail of the quilting  and the exquisite applique and all that jazz, you pretty much need a co-worker to scrap yourself upright.

Well today, we received a box of several of her creations along with patterns and I just want to say


Now, let me tell you this: these beautiful original wall-hangings will be on display at Bright Hopes Quilting for a short time. I have no idea how long we will have the pleasure of hanging them, so by all means, come check out these beauties. You will be impressed! The last one, Autumn Bliss is outstanding.

What am I saying!?  They are ALL outstanding! but that one 'speaks' to me.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Noa's Garden BOM in Victorian Modern

  A few weeks ago, we posted info on our 3 Block of the Month projects and this one is Noa's Garden:
 I am working on our sample, using the lovely Victorian Modern collection from Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle. I am excited to be showing (off) these three blocks, before I bring them to the shop for display. I am so eager to continue making them and see them all assembled in one gorgeous quilt! I loved, loved, loved the fabric when we saw it fresh at Market and it just grows on me every time I gaze at it. I think I might have to make a Charm Party Tote out of it!
If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you might know that I started applying myself to learning needle-turn applique a couple of years ago and I must admit that it is not as difficult as one might think.

I have the added benefit of working on the last Thursday of every month when our "Applique Group" spends the morning working on and showing the blocks they have under construction. These ladies have been a fountain of information and support and I cannot thank them enough for encouraging me to give it one more try!

Noa's Garden is a terrific combination of piecing and applique that can be done traditionally or using the fuse technique with top-stitching on a machine. I personally like the look of hand applique and these pieces are easy to do!

As I sprint ahead and get the blocks done, I will post new photos and if you are reading this and interested in signing up, it is still possible to do so but time is limited. We are now in Month 2.

Give Pearl a call at 985-845-9554 and we do ship to out-of-towners.