Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pearl and Mary go to QuiltCon!

Recently, Mary and I attended QuiltCon in Austin, Tx.  QuiltCon is the first time Modern Quilting has been brought together as an exhibit and conference.  From the moment we walked through the entrance, we had a blast!  Feeling like a pinball, or two, we bounced from one great quilt to an intriguing display to yet another stop.  In addition to wandering the room full of quilts and vendors, there was the opportunity to hear lectures from leaders in the Modern Quilt movement. 
Viewer's Choice
Paper Shredder

The question arises, so what is Modern Quilting?  Answering that question is one reason we attended Quiltcon, as if we needed a reason other than to see great quilts and learn more!  Seeing the quilts and hearing the lectures enabled us to distill the elements and guidelines of Modern Quilting.

Rhythm & Blues

Here is the list, based on a lecture by Heather Grant, along with lots of Show and Tell.  Heather's analogy of a salad bar was helpful in understanding how these principles work together.  She explains that all these

principles are available, but choices don't have to include most or all of the design principles. 

1-Use of negative space
2-No borders
4-Graphic color palettes
5-Improvisational piecing
7-Alternate gridwork
9-Exaggerated scale

 Here are a few of the quilts that I was particularly excited about!

Rainbow Blocks

 I have included the names of quilts for the ones I knew. I was so caught up in the visual bombardment that I did not get them all. All apologies to the artists.

Carpenter's Square

Don't Box Me In



Every time I look at the pictures of the QuiltCon pictures, I rethink what my favorite is!  Which ones do you like? I hope you have enjoyed this overview as much as we did being there.

  Maybe you will see inspiration for your next quilt! 
 So......When is the next QuiltCon???

Our next Bright Hopes Quilting post will have more pictures-these will be Mary's assortment.

This post was written by Pearl.

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