Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby Genius Grows Up

Remember a few years ago when the "Baby Genius" fabric came out and we saw so many great baby quilts pass thru the shop using the line? Well, "Baby Genius" is growing up and on the way Benartex brings us even more eye-catching and "busy" motifs, just what a growing child needs to stimulate the "little grey cells" as they too are growing.

Here we used the entire line in stock with "Tutti Frutti" as the quilt design and bring it all together in a large fast-to-make quilt, great for a birthday present for toddlers, pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. Some of those fabrics are even terrific for young budding scientists. Click on the photo and see the atoms and double helixes up-close!
And yes! the sign does indeed say "Kits Available".


swiftone said...

I'm loving the blog... keep up the good work whoever is doing the legwork here.

Chris said...

Hahahahah thank you! It't a lot of fun, actually. But the true pleasure is in getting a good reaction. Thanks for your kind words.

Lynn S said...

Of course!! Your blog is added to my favorites! Thanks for sharing the news and ideas with frequent updates!