Monday, November 3, 2008

New Fabric Arriving!

Like I said, we're already (!) getting in new fabric from Market. Take a look at these beauties from Robert Kaufman:

Not exactly asian, very rich in color and design. Imagine using the focal fabrics as a kaleidescope or in a "Stack n Whack".

Let's not forget Mardi Gras (as if.....) it's just around the holiday corner and we have three elegant & sparkling bolts to get you in the mood.

Something simple, perhaps a table-runner. (psst. It doesn't always have to be a big project, like a quilt.)

Just a few new things here at Bright Hopes Quilting.


nancy said...

WE can't tell you how much we enjoyed stopping in at your shop and loading up on some Mardi Gras fabrics for me to take home to Ohio and make some things. Everyone at the shop was so friendly and helpful and whenever we visit out daughter ( grad student at Tulane) we will have to come back. In fact, I may send her over the bridge to do more shopping for me! I really enjoy your blog, too. PS, I am doing this at work on my lunch which is why the different email.

985-845-9554 said...

Thank you! We love to hear from our travelling customers..... it's nice to know you make it back home safely.
If you see anything on the blog you have a hankering for, let us know. We can always mail out but by all means, your daughter is welcome to come over.
PS if you want to send a photo of what you used the MG fabric in, just pop it over in an email. Show n Tell is a high-light of our day!