Wednesday, January 14, 2009

GSQA Seminar Classes

It must be well after Christmas! Once again, "Seminar" has crept up on me and I find that time is running out to sign up for classes at this year's annual weekend in Baton Rouge. But it is not TOO late.

The seminar/retreat is being held March 11 -15 at the Marriot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and as always has a full roster of classes to choose from. This is an excellent time to try your hand at something 180 degrees away from your personal comfort zone or to fine-tune a techinque you already enjoy. It's a new year and time to do alittle stretching!

If you want to pop over to their website to see what's available, here's the link to follow.

The Blue Book is up and all the information you need is right at the fingertips. Isn't technology marvelous?

If you are NOT a member of Gulf States Quilting Asso., fear not. Non-members are welcome to attend classes and GSQA encourages people to learn more about what they are all about.

And lastly, even if you are not a quilter but an admirer of the art/craft or a sewer of any kind, GSQA Seminar is a opportunity to browse the storefront booths set up inside the Marriot to supply fabrics and notions and patterns and books for everyone. It's like a Quilt Mall. In miniature.

Bright Hopes Quilting will have a booth set up and we hope to see you there. Just for grins, let us know if you read about Seminar here. I am curious to know how our blog is doing.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Kay said...

I'm already signed up for three classes at seminar. I love that you're reminding us all about GSQA, and that you'll have a booth at the vendor mall. See you there!

Cats and Quilts said...

Great! and thanks for reading our blog.

Yes we'll be there everyday during seminar.

I hope you have a fun weekend there. The energy level is always high high high.