Friday, January 23, 2009


I was gone for a week and returned to work yesterday to an explosion of new bolts. We are running out of shelf space.

We have received the new Mary Engelbreit line along with jelly rolls and layer cakes. This is the "Baskets of Flowers" and if you're a fan of her fabrics, here's a picture:

well... that is not the best fabric in the collection to use as the top (not sure why they did THAT!), but the rest get down to good and better still. (grumble..grumble) They are very reflective of the Mary Engelbreit as we have grown to know and love.

Moda has another "pastry" shape: turn-overs! And we got them along with jellys and layer cakes in the Oh Cherry Oh!

Moda's "Fresh" line is here in layer cakes and jelly rolls:

I'm a BIG fan of this one. Love tulips and the colors here are scrumptious.

And then there's Swanky! This line is fun and fresh and ever-so slightly pastel but still bright and cheerful. It reminds me that spring is not that far off.

Oh yes! and Moda has created quilt designs based on these new fabric lines and we have them as well. Check back to see some scanned images of the patterns we have available.

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