Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Peppermint Place Quilt and Kaffe Fassett

 Here we are, Saturday at the Houston Quilt Market, all fresh and bright, raring to go.

Here we are 10 hours later, pack mules every one. It was a terrific day filled with great ideas and new things to bring back to the shop!

If you know me, (and I think you do!) you know what a fan I am of the fabrics from Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably. We have been stocking our shelves from Day One with a great selection of their colorful designs and add to them with every new release. Nothing changes this year either!

We have carried most of his quilt books as well and this year, Pearl brought back a limited number of signed books from the new publication, "Dreaming in Color". This is an autobiography of the man himself. It's a trip through the decades and eyes of the master of saturated color. If you have ever been curious to know from where Fassett drew his inspiration, you should check out this book. It is a steal at $40.00

 You may recall our cute Halloween "Sew Spooky" quilt and the "Little Red Barn" quilt patterns we have had for a few months from The Quilt Company. This is their new "Peppermint Place" Christmas quilt and we brought back these patterns from Market. This 6-part pattern makes a 64" square quilt, embellished with a printed panel and adorable buttons.  Everything included in our pattern bundle for $55.00.

Here you can see Pearl with the quilt itself to give you a good idea of the actual size.

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