Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh man..... Keiko Hasegawa Made This Quilt

Having attended to all things mundane, I am now ready to Show You This.

I wrote that in caps and u to underscore that, what you are about to see is, to me and in one word, remarkable. It warrants one separate post.

The woman who quilted this is Keiko Hasegawa. IF you are going to the Houston Quilt Show, you will see it along the wall adjacent to the Festival side. If you aren't....... go, if just to see this quilt.

 This is what Keiko Hasegawa wrote to accompany her quilt:

"I've made a series of hexagon quilts. We had a baby named Canon in 2011 and this is for her. Listening to music, canons and singing along, I sewed this quilt."

Okay, now that we have gotten the details out of the way, let me show you this quilt.

I'm right, right? It's remarkable. It's amazing. It's fussy-cut, y'all. 
You see the center?
Go on.... look again.

Let's get up-close and personal.


So, the pieces, these hexagons, are smaller than a dime, fussy-cut and and and and heart-breakingly beautifully sewn and it's quilted. Oh yes. It's quilted...... but I can't see the stitches. Please, once again, feast your eyes on the flower-rows along the left and right upper-corners. Look at these brown flowers with the fussy vines... now, bounce back up to the large view!

I'm not even going to discuss the applique!!! You Must See This Amazing Quilt!

Keiko Hasegawa, wherever you are, thank you for sharing this with us. 


Anonymous said...

Only one word -WOW

Robin said...

WOW isn't adequate at all. I'm making a hexie quilt with over 4,000 hexies, each 3/4 inch, some fussy-cut, but most not. Every flower is a different print. I've kept a record of how many hours I've worked on it so far, but don't have the number handy at the moment... it's like 3 months at an 8 hr. job. I first sewed hexies together to make large strips, and now I'm joining the strips. Of course there's still the quilting ahead.

The La Conner Quilt Museum had two awesome Japanese hexie quilts on exhibition this winter (by a man) that certainly rivaled the one you are showing (same size hexies). I wrote a post about it (and other quilts of note in this men's show) here:

You can also see progress shots of my quilt in various posts over the past year.

Thanks for posting about this one. Wish I could have seen it in person