Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Quilts from Houston

I have a few more quilts from the Houston Quilt Festival for you to enjoy.... in no particular order. 
Having just made a couple of Lone Stars myself lately, this one caught my eye. It is huge, pieced and appliqued exquisitely on shaded fabric and made by Mayumi Watanabe from Japan. 

"Color My World.... With Quilts!" by Sharon Schlotzhauer.  Now, this is tiny, approximately 9" x 12", probably smaller and I tried to see how it was done so I speak with no authority here. I think it's painted and quilted but I can't say with certainty. All I know is it drew me in.

I found it interesting that when I went to download the images in the camera, the one that immediately followed that tiny one was this: "Berne House Quilt", made by members of the Bernese Quilters in Switzerland. It was not near the last quilt I showed; it was just the next one that struck my fancy. Again, I don't have the dimensions but let me say, it is HUGE. HUGE!! and beautifully constructed. 

"Fifteen", by Camilla Watson from New Zealand. Techniques include photo-transfer, hand and machine piecing, fabric pens, applique and machine embroidery. It is stunningly, achingly beautiful.

"Cantilevers" by Jessica Levitt in New Jersey. This one just makes me smile a big grin. I love the illusions of transparency, the simplicity and cleanliness. The quilting is super!

Here is Gloria Hansen with her "It's Time". She had just arrived from New Jersey to find her abstract photo-transfer on silk quilt hanging upside down. (This was being dealt with with the organizers as we were conversing.)  When you read her description, the insights might strike you as familiar.

I hope all the attendees from the area affected by Hurricane Sandy come through safely and suffer the minimum of damage. Living on the Gulf, I feel your pain and worry. Thank you for sharing your work and time.

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