Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Day to Play

I spent Friday at Linda Kay's, learning how to make one of these wonderful duffle bags from the book Easy to Make Totes with Zippers by Cindy T. Oates. LK has held a number of these popular 2- day classes and you may have seen some of the students' results here and in recent newsletters. In fact, here are two from her latest class last week!
Aren't they cute! These are the large ones. The booklet has patterns for 11 separate tote designs and I made one under supervision, the small duffle.

Playing in LK's spacious sewing room makes me both jealous and inspired. She has room to move around easily and is very organized. I would win every bet that she could put her hands on something within 3 minutes of wanting to, unlike me who has to excavate to dredge up some piece of fabric or a pattern I know I have but no clue where I put it. Oh, I always know approximately where but I am never consistent. 

Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.
(Yeah right) 

Speaking of organized, I was shown this inspiring photo of one hutch with organized fabric from Myrlene P. Take a look at how nice it looks and stylish as well!

So anyway, here is my version of the small duffle and I really love how fast they are to make and how pretty they always turn out.

 Let's face it: some days I just want to have fun! I just want to spend a few hours playing and have a little fun, instead of laboring over accurate points and large borders. Just a little fun. That is why I enjoy making things like the BOM, Seasoned Quilter. She was a hoot to make and now I get to play at making the "mini-quilts' she holds for special holidays. The last one the Welcome Quilt and next month is the Celebrate! Quilt and I can't wait to carve out another play day to make that one.

Well, yesterday got me so relaxed, I decided to make it a two-fer. Today I whipped out this!

This is "Open House", only one of Pearl's 'Snap Sack' series of little quilts-in-a-bag that we offer at Bright Hopes Quilting. "Open House" comes in three motifs, the Chicken Coop, The Dog House and a third that slips my mind at the moment......(ah me...... does this happen to you?) Naturally, I went for the chicken coop. There was just enough of the border fabric in my kit to squeeze out a little applique embellishment.

We have several different designs and every kit comes with all the fabric you need to make the whole quilt, except the batting. Yes, backing fabric is included. It is the perfect "Take to Retreat Treat" or gift bag for swaps. Or, if you are like me, for a personal Play Day!

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