Friday, April 13, 2012

Been A While.....

,.. but I am back and it has been a hectic start to Spring but nothing new there.

We are gearing up to the GSQA Quilt Show next weekend and today, Pearl, Mary and I are hauling a car filled with quilts to enter. We have been seeing some amazing and beautiful work and I am so excited to be able to actually attend this year.

We will have our shop booth again set up during the entire show which is open from 10 am to 5 pm Friday and Saturday, April 20 and 21, at the Northshore Harbor Center. If you click below, you'll get a map to the location

We sent out a newletter yesterday afternoon outlining a few items of what we will have in the booth this year and some of the samples of our quilts on display. If you have never attended one of GSQA's past shows, let me encourage you to get out your comfiest walking shoes, call a good friend to join you (even one that doesn't quilt!) and give yourself at least 4 hours to browse the quilts that hang for your pleasure. There is a tremendous amount of talent in these 4 states that support the GSQA.

Those of us lucky enough to work at a shop get to see quilts in every stage of construction but to see 360+ in one location at the same time is simply breath-taking! And time-stealing so be sure to give yourself plenty of that!

We held our staff-meeting to discuss our up-coming classes for May and June. We will revisit old favorites and of course, new projects as well. We will be posting the completed calendar within 10 days here on the blog.

A few years ago, Linda Kay came up with the idea of an adult "Quilt Camp" aimed primarily for teachers just getting out of class for the summer who wanted to play and learn and we all had a blast. (hey, why should kids get all the fun?)

It's a one week all day session that teaches the basics of quilt making, binding, machine quilting, applique and totes. The participants went home with 5 completed projects and a couple of them have gone on to become fellow quilters.

So that is going to be offered in mid-June. (heads up) If you know someone who has a hankering to learn what "we" love, tell them about this!

Are you struggling with storage issues for your growing or out-of-control stash? Pearl has these colorful drawer carts in stock that might be just the thing for you

She has several configurations as well. I like that they are on rollers for easy movement.

Celeste held another Chenille Rug class yesterday and although one student slipped out before I got to shoot the whole class, here are 5 with their nearly finished pieces. The real fun is taking it out of the dryer and seeing the final fluff!

To end this post and underscore the beauty of quilt shows, I'll add this link to a cute song and video of quilts from last week's email.

Enjoy the show and music

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