Thursday, December 22, 2011

January February 2012 Schedule of Classes UP-DATED!

Up-dated.... if you got here from clicking on the Newsletter, Here is your HOT-LINK to the new March -April 2012 schedule..... Click n that and you're good to go!


We heard from some customers that they have trouble with the Schedule of Classes. Not able to see it or print it or save it to their hard drive. I hope to address some of this here:

First, if the image below is too small to read, you can increase the view by first making the window a full screen. Tap your mouse on the icon to the right of the percentage sign. That will make your view as large as your monitor. If you need it to be larger still, zoom in by holding your mouse over that blue slide button on the top and move it gently to the right.

When you wish to minimize the window, just hit your ESC button on your keyboard.

Now, for printing purposes, the easiest method is to tap on the small icon to the far left. (It looks somewhat like a printer). That will open a pop-up window that allows you to choose which pages you would like to print without doing all of them. Your individual printer will determine your additional options. Please go now to the bottom of that window below:

Do you see that line "Download document to PC" ? This is how you can download the entire schedule but it is a bit of a rig-a-ma-role and I don't recommend it.

HOWEVER: If you click on that, you will be linked over to the program, PDF CAST; I use this program to create the embedded PDF. It is cluttered with other information that looks very confusing but if you scroll down, you should find the word in large letters D O W N L O A D.

When you click on that, you will get yet another page that opens. Fear not. That should say something like this:

To continue, complete human verification below.
We are sorry for the
inconvenience, we need to make sure that you are not a malicious bot or
Complete the puzzle below to download the document, if you got
confused click reload button to change the puzzle.

If you wish to continue, you must enter the words in that small window and you should then receive the PDF to your computer. Once again, I don't recommend this.

If you really need a copy on your harddrive, send me a note here by email, and I'll email it directly to you.

Okay, I hope this has been helpful.

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