Sunday, April 24, 2011

Just What A Blog Is For!

If you are on our emailing list, you might be wondering what is going on with that! Long story short, AT & T has changed their processing of mailings so we are changing ours as well. As I learn more how to do this, I still make mistakes.

So where is it, you ask? Ah technology! I'll leave it at that as I sort out the final , ah.... issue. Linda Kay has fine-tuned our latest newsletter and class list (some great ones coming up!) so I am eager to get that sent out. I hope to have the email to you by Tuesday .....

.....but in the meantime, I'll fill you in on last week at Bright Hopes.

Candy Bergeron came by Thursday afternoon, as promised, to collect a stack of donation quilts and receiving blankets for the up-coming show in St. Gabriel.

I wrote a post about it last week and planned to attend myself. (Candy invited me to be a docent for an hour or so...... she trusts that I won't ankle off with any quilts! hahahaha) ("What does a docent do?" " Answers questions...." " I don't know if I know any answers." "......." She still wants me. ) So, May 7, St. Gabriel Community Center......... I'll be the one in white gloves looking like I know what I'm doing but don't.

Candy will be making a final pass through Mandeville on Thursday, May the 5th and Bright Hopes Quilting is a drop-off point so if you would like to donate any quilt to this cause, please have yours at the shop no later than Thursday morning and be sure to fill out the donation form to have the quilt given to the charity (on the list of 16) of your choice. This is a tax-deductible donation so if that is important to you and the IRS, don't forget to document that as well.

We have received more Just One Star blocks and will be mailing the big package off Tuesday, April 26. It was SO COOL to open an envelope Thursday and find more stars arriving!!!! At this rate, we all will have made more than enough stars to complete 4 quilts! Ya'll are the BEST!
Thank you for participating in this project.

Isn't This CUTE?
You know Pearl has a lovely little granddaughter.... look what she's getting! This little-girl sun cap is reversible and adorable and made by Pearl. I think the pattern is Blossoms and Bloomers..... and has a jumper as well.

I was prowling around the shop and came across this bolt that has somehow escaped my detection until now. Beautiful dragonflies in an oriental feel. It glows off the black background.

Classes and Calendar ::::

Tuesday is Tote Club,
Thursday is Applique Society
Friday is 6 Halves Makes a Whole Starburst (continued)

Okay, be on the look-out for that elusive email and pray for me as I continue down the technology wormhole!

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