Thursday, April 28, 2011

HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! Jalapena!!!!!

May I just take a brief moment and jab my fist in the air!!!!!

I am so pleased to be able to post Linda Kay's schedule on the blog.
BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER, if you can believe it!

As you know, if you used to get our bi-monthly email, we sent this out as PDF and some people were not able to "open" it...... strange as that may sound, they weren't. And trust me, I understand the aggravation only technology can induce. I know it so well..... I have been there all day today. Right on the Edge of Crazy.

But here it is, at long last, our May - June 2011 class schedule/calendar and what makes it so cool is you can scroll down, right there and hit that little printer icon in the upper left corner and print the pages you want for easy reference! If you just need that calendar on Page 7, select "page 7" and that will be the only page printed. BUT WAIT!!!! There's more!

Take it away, Ramona!

(Ok, now in case you can't see this File in that box below..... just give it a moment to load. This happened to me this morning. Grr Some connections are slower than others and I can't do anything about that. Other times, the host server may be down for a short time but it will be back)
(trust me) (oh technology! you devil, you!) (when it works, it's great. when it doesn't, you wait)

See that small thing that looks like a TV set at the top and center? If you click on that, the whole PDF file will appear as large as your monitor screen and when you want to make it go away, you just click it once again and you'll be right back here!

And last but not least...... right below these words you will see the words "Download document to PC". If you click that (below), you can save the whole shebang to your computer! No more printing papers or leafing through your email looking for that message. Just save it to the desktop and you will always know what's happening here at Bright Hopes Quilting.

I am astounded at what technology can do!!! (and sometimes doesn't....)
I'm so thrilled, I may have to eat Tex-Mex tonight.

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