Saturday, April 9, 2011

Everywhere I Turn - Applique

As you probably know, Bright Hopes Quilting hosts a local Applique Society on the last Thursday of each month, so that means they met again just last Thursday.

This is an especially fun day for me as I have long admired the technique from not-so-afar and can skim past and see what they are working on. Always inspiring and usually un-nerving as well. These ladies are serious stitchers and do amazing work.

I took a few shots of a Halloween pattern that Melinda Jones has been working on. I just wanted ya'll to see this:
Click on the photo to see it up-close. It is fine fine fine!

Now, every where I turn it seems, we have a new book or pattern or sample in the shop for applique.... like this, for instance:

How cute is this?

Or this new display rack Pearl got in to house our growing collection of applique books. Whatever you do, when you stop in, do NOT look at that one in the center bottom, Beautiful Botanicals...... steer clear of it.

So, something is definitely afoot because when the one to the left showed up, I bit the bullet and bought a copy. I WANT to be able to needle-turn. I have tried and found myself, shall we say, lacking in the ability until a woman stopped by the store on her way home from Seminar (GSQA).
Violet Newby was one of the instructors, for applique, and she gave me a quick starter lesson and got me going. So, Violet, if you're out there, thank you!

Here is my second attempt, from that book . Donna D., I used your method of marking and liked it!

And just this past Thursday, Mona gave a class on hand applique that I horned in on and learned her method of marking. I shall give that a go this weekend.

To ALL of you applique artists, I Thank You.

OH, and I added a new "label" for this post. "Applique"

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