Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quilting Is Good For Your Health

Those of us who cheerfully call ourselves quilters already know this fact but now we have research to back it up!

It doesn't hurt that the mind behind the study in Glasgow is a quilter for the past 40+ or so years.....

Professor Jacqueline Atkinson, co-author of the study and a quilter herself for five decades, said: ‘Doing something that engages you and that you enjoy is key. As adults, we don’t often do enough that includes fun and play.

‘We put a lot into studying the use of green spaces and that’s useful to individuals and communities.

'But maybe we need to say there are other things too.’
So the next time you waver or hesitate over starting yet another project, just remember that this passion, this creative outlet is more than a hobby. It exercises your muscles, it sharpens your mind with math, it stimulates your pleasure-zones with color and reduces stress levels, except possibly when your quarter-inch seams are slightly too big.

But we can help with that!

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