Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good Example vs Terrible Warning Revisited

Pearl had the kits for the Seasoned Quilter BOM ready this week and as eager as I have been to get going on this project, I started first thing this morning.

I had all the pieces drawn on the Steam a Seam II and cut, all the appropriated fabric lined up and and the iron good to go.

I fused everything just the way I wanted and carefully started cutting out the shapes. I think I got to number 5 or 6, to the big shirt piece when the light bulb went off...... oh wait.

I was supposed to fuse these to the back of the fabric.
Doh! (facepalm)

Remember, ya'll... it takes a village. And every one has its' idiot.

Note to self: fuse on the back.

On a bright note, the lady is looking really sassy and I love the fabrics we choose for her construction.
I think her scuffies are cuter than mine there at the bottom. Can't wait to start blanket-stitching her.

Ya'll have a safe and HAPPY MADRI GRAS! The shop will be closed all day this Tuesday.

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