Monday, July 4, 2011

Road Trip to SouthCentral Louisiana is Ready to Roll!

I mentioned in our email last week that the bus* is now scheduled to take Shop Hoppers from Mandeville early Saturday morning, August 20, and head straight to Lafayette to The Borne Quilter. Riders will have 1- 1/2 hours to shop and get passports stamped and fill out chances for the door prizes. Then back on the bus to go to Morgan City.

Lunch is supplied and after spending another 1 -1/2 hours at the Quilt Cupboard, you'll head to The Quilting Niche in Houma.

Once again, you'll have 1- 1/2 hours before you make your return trip to Mandeville with a snack to tide you over. The bus should arrive at Bright Hopes Quilting parking lot by 6:00pm and all you had to do was kick back and have fun. The bottom line? $65.00

If this sounds like your cup of tea, give us a call to book your seat. Space is limited and the weeks are passing swiftly.

Passports go on sale July 15 at participating stores and come with $5.00 coupons for every shop. If you have never gone on Shop Hop, it's a lot of fun and even more so when you go with a group of like-minded quilters.

I can give you a tip I see each year. Bring some of those return address stickers you get in the mail (endlessly). It saves you time at the table filling out 8 drawing prize registrations and DON'T FORGET TO GET YOUR PASSPORT STAMPED at EACH store to be eligible for the Grand Prize. Every year it's a good one and THIS year it's an AccuQuilt GO System!

* So you know, Pearl at Bright Hopes, Mona at Sew THIS! and Brenda at Mama's Quilt Shop are sponsoring this bus and you can sign up at any of these 3 stores.


Lex said...

I came across your blog clicking links on other quilt blogs. It's nice to hear there are other quilting shops in Louisiana. I'm in the NO area and there is only one that I'm aware of.

Chris said...

Oh no!!!! We have The Quilted Owl on Jefferson Hwy (near the Huey P. Long Bridge), Mes Amis on the Lakefront, Sew THIS! in Abita Springs and of course, Bright Hopes Quilting in Mandeville.

Why right there you can make your very own Shop Hop ! But it is much more fun to get passports stamped and get chances at terrific prizes. Once you cast farther afield, you will find shops over in Tickfaw, up in Franklinton, Baton Rouge, Houma. Why you are practically surrounded by lovely stores.

I once read the funniest quote; "You can't hardly throw a rock in Louisiana without hitting a quilter!"