Friday, July 22, 2011

Meet the Staff - Mona

As a run-up to our 8 Anniversary, I am posting questionnaires of the good women who work at Bright Hopes. This week we have our......

Interview with Mona Lowe

1.When did you start quilting and how did it come to happen?
I started quilting when we lived in Saudi Arabia. I belonged to the Women’s Group and they had a rather larger quilt guild. My mother-in-law, Tica, was also a quilter and she, along with my husband, Roger, got me started on my first quilt.

2. Do you still have your first quilt?
My first quilt was an 8 pointed star with jeweled insets and yes, I still have it and it is still one of my favorites.

3. When did you arrive in Mandeville, and what brought you here?
I arrived in August, 1996 (for the second time). We repatriated from Saudi Arabia back to Mandeville for Roger’s work.

4. How long have you worked for Bright Hopes Quilting and what do you do there?
I have worked at Bright Hopes since the first day Pearl opened her doors. My responsibilities involve just about everything from daily bookkeeping, waiting on customers to teaching classes. I also have the honor of accompanying Pearl to Market in Houston.

5. You are know as an accomplished appliquer. Is this your favorite technique or do you have even have a favorite? Is there a style of quilting you would NEVER do?
I do love appliqué. I would have to say it is my favorite form of quilting. I also enjoy hand-quilting. I enjoy anything that is done by hand. I can’t say there is a style I would never try - I like to try most things at least once.

6. You have a collection of antique quilts. Is there a favorite in the collection?
Yes, I have quite a collection of antique quilts and I love them all. I can’t say I have a favorite one.

7. Do you have on your bed right now a quilt YOU made?
Yes, I have a snowball / nine patch quilt on my bed no that is one of the first quilts I ever made.

8. If your fairy quiltmother could grant you one wish, what would it be?
To live to be 170 years and still be able to quilt so I could finish all the projects I have already started or planned.

Ok, back to me..... Mona never toots her horn so please allow me ..... she and Roger designed this beautiful and complicated spiral quilt as a Challenge Quilt (from I think Moda...... approximately 2004). It made it through several levels and is one of the most unique quilts I have ever seen. I wanted to include for your viewing pleasure:

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