Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 More Design Books

Okay, this is getting tough!

Pearl got several new books in stock and I am in a dilemma: Which of these does my shelf need FIRST?

Flying Colors by Gail Garber

I see so many quilts at shows with these swishing flying geese and marvel at the artistry. Here Gail Garber lays out the techniques using paper-piecing to create mind-blowing designs. When you are ready (I'm getting there!) to move up the ladder into one-of-a-kind piecing, this is definitely a book for you (me).

I love Lone Star (is that 'cuz I hail from Texas?) quilts and have had the pleasure of actually making exactly one. Now this book,Star Struck Quilts by Barbara H. Cline, comes along and showcases some that makes me want to shove everything off the cutting table & design wall and start one of these instead! I'll NEVER finish this year's resolution list!

Ivy Spangled Banner is gorgeous! Whirling Stars! Star Ripple......Barbara, you're killing me!

Please pause and flip through these books when you stop by and see for yourself...... totally fantastic books. $27.95 each


Barbara said...

If you have any questions about my book "Star Struck Quilts" just let me know. You can contact me at Barbara Cline

Chris said...

Thanks Barbara.... it's a wonderful book! Well done.