Thursday, March 25, 2010

Great Book Titles

If you haven't had an opportunity to browse thru these four books, let me introduce you:

1. The Quilting Arts Book, by Patricia Bolton, is the next generation of creative quilt-making. Our Instructor for Techniques, Mary Green, has been offering classes with embellishments for several years now and if you have had the pleasure of this experience and feel ready to spread your wings but still want a little guidance, this is the companion for you!

Step by step, Bolton leads you thru various techniques of Reverse Applique, Mixed-Media collage, painting with pastels, portraiture and much, much more. At $24.95, this is true value for your dollar.

2. And what about those of you who have been piecing for some time and still wonder why your quilts don't lay flat or perhaps the blocks don't line up. Harriet Hartgrave's Quilter's Academy is your own personal Master Class, to be attended at your own pace and will improve your technique swiftly as you proceed thru the levels. This is the first in the series, Freshman Year.

3. Now, I cannot tell you how often I hear people who come in to Bright Hopes Quilting with a quilting friend and exclaim, "I don't know HOW y'all get so much done.... I don't have time to make anything!" This great book, Quilting In No Time by Emma Hardy, has 50 "week-end" projects that answer this lament beautifully. Everything from bags and purses to home decorating indoors and out.


Okay one more!
4. There are 13 great quilt patterns in this ONE book and just thumbing through it when it arrived made me want to knock out 4 of them, ASAP. (It is jelly roll and layer cake friendly so the title is completely apt.) The staff at That Patchwork Place have really puled together a collection of everything from from chic and fashionable to scrappy and casual. Check. It. Out! All that for only $21.99.

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