Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Build A Block

Hey there! I wanted to tell you about a new set of classes that we are starting in April and continuing, well who knows how long this will last because there are SO MANY block designs out there and we won't live long enough to make them all. BUT this is a start and here's how it goes.

Each month there will be TWO opportunities to take a mini-class on making one specific block. We will offer the class twice so that those who can't make it one time have a chance at a repeat. AND we will be showing how it's made in 2 sizes, because, c'mon! Some like them BIG and some like smaller quilts and we aim to please!

Now, some blocks are super easy and we want to make them for those quilters who have barely tested the waters and think they MAY want to proceed slowly and make a few but not commit to anything long term. Or, possibly they tried that block and had issues with it and want a refresher course. Or perhaps you took a beginning quilting class a few years back and want to pick the craft up again.

Some blocks are going to be more, shall we say, challenging? Those that have Y-seams, for example. You know what I'm talking about: the blocks you have avoided like brussell sprouts on a buffet! Curved edges, anybody?

Well we're going to tackle them too. One block a month and if you take 12 classes, you have a sampler quilt! How Good Is THIS?

This is the first block, Churn Dash, in the series that we will be making. The class lasts a brief 2 hours and you will leave with instructions for both a 6.5" and a 12.5" block.

So we have mailed out the newsletter this afternoon, (check your In-Box) and you'll find, along with a slew of great new classes lined up, one Saturday and one weekday blocked out for Build A Block. $10.00 per class.

This would make one great scrappy quilt, BTW. Use up those left-overs.

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