Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pillow Day

I mentioned, down below, that on Feb 5, on UFO Friday, we are going to sew up a storm. Well, we got the party started early this week. Check it out.

Serger Action!

Just want to share with the readers what hub-bub of activity we experienced Tuesday morning here at Bright Hopes. Here you see a group of ladies behind a couple of serger machines, cranking out pillowcases. Now, some of us had never used as serger before and in MY case, I may have been in the same room with one before but it was still sitting in its box on a shelf. So what great fun it was to sit behind one and take it for a spin. Those rascals are FUN! and efficient!

You can see we had stations set up, one for cutting, one for ironing and 5 with various machines and we just went to town. We all donated fabric towards the cause and what a collection it was.

The Sharp Needles cut n sewed for little over 2 hours and the end result was 25 pillow cases ready for distribution.

Our stack of pillowcases and the Sharp Needles
(and what's left of a pile of fabric)

So there you have a little preview of what we will be doing on Friday. Now this time we will be focussing on the Pouches of Comfort and everyone is invited to participate. Bring a machine if you have one and cutting tools or fat quarters you would like to donate. One fat quarter will make one pouch. Or...

If you have a UFO project you would like to work on and just want company, come on in.

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