Friday, February 12, 2010

Avignon by Moda

Every other year, (or so) we get a line from Moda that is inspired by Provence and they are ALWAYS welcomed with great joy at Bright Hopes. I am so pleased to announce that 2010 is one of those years:

SO beautiful..... the two white background and one red with the little spots? Those "spots" are fleur d' lis'. (EVERYONE is getting in on the act, huh!)

And if that doesn''t rev your engines, how about this batik corner:

Here is a small sampling of new batiks and some quilt designs/ideas. Lots of great color from Island Batiks (those rolls) and Hoffman Bali Pops.

Next Friday, Feb 19, Linda Kay is teaching a class, "Strip Joints", using those batik strips (or any jelly roll, of course. I just happen to be partial to batiks......),

so if you want to learn a fast way to whip up a quilttop, you should join in! Call us at 985-845-9554 to check if there are any spots left.

Before we leave the Batiks, click the photo to enlarge and check out the bolt to the far left.... the green one...... it is gorgeous...... trying to decide what to use it in, myself......

Now, just because those two above lean toward the adults, don't think we leave out those lil' pardners in your life, either:

I bought the brown lassos to make a couple of pillowcases for my not-s0-little-daughter. What can I say, she's mad about about cowboys! (who isn't, right?)
And these fabrics are so soft to the touch as well.


Angie said...

Will you be making up packs of Avignon fabrics? Gotta get all of 'em!

Chris said...

Oh yes! I am pretty certain Pearl will have us bundle fat quarters and a kit for a lap-size quilt.....there are 8 fabrics on the bolt, just so you have an idea of what's there.