Friday, December 5, 2008

Two Hour Tulip Purse

Alright you crafty things out there;
if you're looking for a gift to make, particularly for a young relative..... here's a new purse pattern we just got in and Jayne knocked out a sample in no time flat.

We have so many great fabric lines in stock to make this purse out off as well, Think Amy Butler. Or Kaffe Fassett!

It's young and fresh and trendy. Perfect for teenagers. Or if I think about it...... why not in Asians for a more elegant night bag?

We're hoping Jayne will schedule a class in it for the next newletter. That's another WIP. (work in progress)


nancy said...

This is adorable but come on -- 2 hours. I bet I could make it in 2 weeks, maybe.....wish I could come to the class but Lebanon Ohio is a long commute. Your shop is so great...its enough to push me into the car for New Orleans more than once a year.

Chris said...

I hear ya on that two hour claim.... it can take me that long to just cut all the pieces the first time I make any "quickie" project.
I'll pop off an email to Jayne and ask her for specifics.... and post her answer here in the comments section. Please check back.
Oh and thanks for making us a part of your southerly trips!

Chris said...

Okay , after speaking with Jayne, I can tell you that the first time making this purse it will take longet than 2 hours. Any experienced sewer should have no trouble, and even a semi-beginner would find it is not difficult, merely a tad fiddly. Hint: be prepared to make the inside slightly smaller for a better fit.
There ya go!

Chris said...
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nancy said...

Thanks Chris for your checking into the difficulty level for that adorable purse...I just might have to order the pattern and have it sent to me here in Ohio. Also, is there a picture that could be posted on Bright Hopes site of the "schlepping bag" I would love to see what that looks like. Taking all the rulers,cutting mat, etc to classes is so hard without a good carryall that can actually hold those large size items. And how difficult is that one to make? Thanks for your guys are Great!

Chris said...

Nancy, sure thing about the Schlepping Bag. I'll see what I can do tomorrow and post again shortly.

I can tell you about another ruler bag that Linda Kay made.IT was a large carryall tote. The instructions called for lots of fusible fleece and she found sewing the seam allowances rather difficult as there were so many thick layers by the time is was being assembled. So it also ended up on the heavy side. If you find yourself making something that looks like it uses an abnormally large amount of fleece, you can make the inside "pockets" with dressmaker interfacing and save the fleece for the outer sides. After all, that's really where you'd want the extra protection, right? The whole idea is to protect the corners of the plexiglass rulers from chipping and the the glass itself form scratching.

Keep in mind, I am NOT talking about the Schlepping Bag. I'll get the details on that one tomorrow.