Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Speaking of Classes......

Starting in February, we are going to offer classes for "Beginners" that are one-day classes that make simple quilts and projects.... Like Take 5. And placemats using Charm Packs.

The idea is to get those of you who are interested but, well shall we say, wary of this thing, this obsession we call "quilting" a chance to tip your toe in the cool exhilarating waters of our world.

So if you know someone who fits this description and think this might be of interest to them, pass it on. Or take it with them to encourage them as they go. Some of the best times I spend is what I call Tag-Team piecing. You know, when you and a friend (or four) take turns ironing and handing the pieces to the ones behind the sewing machines..... it's AMAZING how fast quilttops get done this way!

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