Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The launch-date is one week away now and we are ramping up our decorations around the shop to reflect the summer-long event.

Beginning June 21, we, and all participating shops, will be handing out a free pattern to make this 9.5" x 36.5" row. We are also selling kits to make this row with the fabrics you see here. The pattern is in the kit. 
Now, here is the deal. Yes, the pattern is free for the asking but we will only give out one pattern per customer. We cannot, by rules we agreed to conform to, give you an extra pattern for a friend or relative who was unable to come into the shop.

Please keep in mind that we are creating and giving away our artistic endeavors and all we ask is that you agree to the rules under which we do this.  

We ask that you do not make copies of our pattern and give them away. 

Ok, with that out of the way, here's the good stuff: If you are the first person to bring in a COMPLETED quilt, you will win our fabulous Fat Quarter bundle of TWENTY-FIVE (25) (!)  gorgeous batiks. 

​When we say completed, we mean it has to have at least 8 rows, be thoroughly quilted, edged the binding AND have a label on the back. Last year, we were one of the last whops to have a winner walk through the door so don't be discouraged if your quilt is taking a long time to get done...... just keep going!

We have a sweet license plate as well for sale, while supplies last. 

And a super-fun pattern to use them in! Here is the Butterfly House Braggin' Pole by PatchAbilities. $9.00

We have kits with the 2016 RbR fabrics to make a roomy tote-bag and more!

So grab a friend, make a route and get ready to hit the road, collecting your patterns and kits. You can see all the Louisiana Shop Rows at their Facebook site here: https://www.facebook.com/LARowbyRowExperience/?fref=ts


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