Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tote-Ally Awesome Saturday Happens Again THIS WEEKEND!

When we told you how could stretch your dollars further with our Tote-Ally Awesome Bright Hopes Tote Bag, we meant it and the next day for saving money happens this weekend.

Bring your tote bag in on Saturday and save 20% of your entire purchase of regularly priced items. 
(The Best Deal in Town Class Coupons and Gift Certificates are excluded)

Now, as you can see our Special Days of Savings will happen randomly and with a few days of warning to get the thrifty quilter ready to take advantage of the event.

We will also send this message out on our Facebook Page so if you want to be sure to not miss the announcement through email, pop over to our FB page and join us by hitting the Like or Follow button.

And of course we will announce it on our newsletter so there is no way to miss out if you have your tote.

Did I mention you must bring the tote with you?

You must have your tote-bag with you to take advantage of the discount but your purchases do not have to all fit inside it........
 I mean, you could try to stuff it all in but it doesn't have to...... it could be fun to watch while you go for it, though......



Patticake said...

Miss you guys. Busy gutting my brothers home, total destroy.

Patticake said...

Miss you guys. Busy gutting my brothers home, total destroy.

Bright Hopes Quilting said...

Hey Pat! Good to see you! (Chris here) We are so sorry to hear that...... was that by you or over here in St. Tam? Those floods were awful.

I hope you are okay and be careful with yourself. Perhaps we'll see each other at the GSQA show in Slidell.