Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Misadventures of Pearl and Company in their quest to find exciting new products at Quilt Market.

It began as usual with our 7:30 a.m. departure Thursday morning.  We did not experience ANY traffic delays, and filled the hours with excited conversations as to what we hoped to find at Market and our visit to some "new" to us quilt shops on the way. The first indication that our so far blissful day may be changing was when we exited I-59 at the George R. Brown exit and found that the ENTIRE front of the convention center was blocked off and that the street on which we usually made our way to the parking garage was no longer usable!  But, we are resourceful, so we wound our way around and were successful in entering the parking garage.  We then had to find HOW to enter the convention center.  Hmmmm. A friendly workman told us to use the Hilton's skyway, so off we went to the Hilton.  We made our way to the line to pick up our credentials only to be told that they did not have any paperwork for us.  Not good, but, the friendly person pointed out the new line we needed to go to, so off we went.  This lovely lady looked us up on the computer and informed us that only Pearl's credentials were still good for this year. Luckily for us, she was the "in charge" person and asked Pearl our names.  Mona and Georgia were the magically correct names from last year and we were then directed to yet another line, so off we went.  At this line we were informed that we had to fill out all of the forms that we had submitted again.  Finally, we had crossed all the T's and dotted all the I's and were awarded with our badges!! So off  we went to check into the hotel.  The street in front of the hotel was being demolished, but, with Pearl's dexterous driving skill at weaving around barrels, we entered the parking lot.  The welcoming desk person informed us that our room was still not ready, but assured us that it would be by the time we returned from dinner, so off we went.  Hours later we return to the hotel and are given our room key.  Our room was lovely, except for the fact that there was NO BEDDING for the sofa bed.  Not to worry, we will just call down to the desk...... but neither of the two room phones worked.  After a cellphone call, bedding was brought up to us, no pillow and no blanket just two sheets.  Half an hour later, a blanket was found and brought to our room.  Now to sleep, however, the door to our room kept bumping like someone was coming into the room every 5 minutes.  And, Pearl's iPad was frozen and would not allow us to shut it off, but kept flashing bright light every so often throughout the night until she got out of bed and turned it over.  Not a very restful night.

Pearl had first call on the shower in the morning because she had an early class. Mona and I were going to leisurely take our showers, have breakfast and walk to the Convention Center.  However, the shower only had scalding hot water and it just trickled out.  Another call to the desk.  Pearl has to leave, so off goes our intrepid leader.  A repairman appears as Mona and I are leaving an hour later.  Not to worry, all will be well upon our return that evening so off we went.  Still nothing but trickling scalding hot water at 10:30 p.m.  We are beginning to get cranky.  Another repairman is sent up to our room, and then a manager arrives with a new room key to a room a floor below.  So off we went dragging ourselves through the halls like thieves in the night.   Thankfully, this room had all the correct bedding, working phones, and hot and cold water with plenty of pressure for the shower and no banging door. Sheer Bliss!!!

Sunday dawns with lots of rain, but we are well rested, and freshly showered, so no problems.  We should have known better.  The valet parking men were unable to locate our car keys.  Really? After a half hour search, they were located so off we went to get in a few more hours of market.

The reason for this post is to let you know the lengths we go to provide our loyal shoppers with the newest and the best!!

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