Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August Heat - Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

We are approaching the second weekend of the South Louisiana Shop Hop and were blown away with the number of Hoppers last Friday and Saturday. It has to set a record!

This year has 12 shops participating, with 2 new shops in the Lafayette area. 

You can see the location of each shop on the map above and the list of great Prizes for Hoppers who fill up the entire passport with stamps. 

Below is the $250 Prize Basket you can win at Bright Hopes Quilting..... it's packed with great products and patterns. 

Now, in years past, each shop would hand out a different pattern and create individual quilt kits for sale to complete a 'sampler' style quilt.

This year, each shop created a unique quilt based around 12 colors in 4 hues, Light, Med, Med-Dark and Dark.  Each shop is selling a pack of four strips in one color; our's is Teal.    Below, you can see the Bright Hopes Quilt.

We have finishing kits to make this big bright quilt, measuring 68" x 85", $54.99

If you'd like to make it larger, we have a finishing kit to add 12 more inches around the outer edge, $14.99. It will then measure 80" x 97".

The new class roster is firming up and I'll be posting it next week......  and if you are still picking up Row By Row patterns, don't forget to check ours out hanging behind the register. We have kits to make it easy and license plates as well. (While supplies last)

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