Monday, February 23, 2015

Ella Blue, m'Dears!

March brings shamrocks and leprechauns and also, if you are an avid quilter, the Worldwide Quilting Day. March 21, to be precise.

Quilting has truly swept the over the world and if you have ever been to the Houston Quilt Festival, you have seen first-hand just how popular our passion has grown throughout all the corners of this planet.

Not just creating the lovely works of art but also the very fabrics we use to make them.

Bright Hopes Quilting has been carrying the beautiful Ella Blue fabrics now for over a year and we recently received 2 new lines. These are designed in Australia by a staff of designers with quilters in mind and are really inspired by the modern look.

Having said that, they also have a slight 'homage' to the feed sack look but in a fresh new way. You really have to see them to get the full impact.

Well, the two new lines in stock are "Chirpy Lola" and "The Linen Cupboard". The Staff have been having fun making the popular SWOON block with "Chirpy Lola' and have hung them from the ceiling so you will see them on display as soon as you enter the shop.

We think this is the perfect fabric to make the cutest summer dresses for little girls, too. The fabric itself has a great feel and the motifs are cheerful and bright.

"The Linen Cupboard" also has a happy Spring-like look to it and the pattern, "The Daisy Quilt" features the fabrics on it's over.

These fabrics would be great on a Easter table runners or placemats.

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