Thursday, July 3, 2014

Surprise Yourself Mystery

In anticipation of our 11th Anniversary this September, we are offering a free mystery to our customers. Here is a list of requirements for those who are interested.

Surprise Yourself Mystery

Before you begin: This is a mystery quilt which will measure 40” square as a wall-hanging or table topper IF it is assembled as we have done at the ‘reveal’.

 However, this also makes a terrific size to become the center of a medallion quilt. So, keeping this in mind, below you will find the fabric requirements to make this mystery with enough spare in case you make a cutting mistake. If you cut perfectly, you will have plenty of fabric left-over. If you want to make a larger quilt, you may want to buy extra fabrics.


Background  (BG) 1 1/8 yard total

Focus Fabric  (FF)  5/8’ If your fabric is meant for fussy-cutting, go with a full yard.


A -       1/4’ WOF                                                       F -       1/3’  WOF

B -       1/4’ WOF                                                       G -       1/8’  WOF

C -       1/8’ WOF                                                       H -      1/4’  WOF

D -       1/8’ WOF                                                       I   -       1/4  WOF      

E -       1/4’  WOF

Once again, the yardage I have written is a minimum cut. If you think you might consider making a larger quilt, you should buy more fabric to keep your options open.

Some suggestions for fabric selection:

Focus Fabric:  Choose this based on a pleasant mix of colors.  Anything monochromatic will not give you much contrast from which to pick the rest,  It should NOT be a large print because the pieces will be too broken-up in the blocks.   Now, using the FF as a guide, pull 6* distinct colors from this choice. These can be blenders or solids but should not be large print or blotchy.  From those 6 colors, choose one ‘color and find 4 hues of it: 1 light, 1 med, 1 med dark and 1 very dark of that color. These are now to be labeled, from light to dark, A, B, C, and D.

Now of the remaining 5 colors, choose 1 fabric of each. Label each of these E, F, G, H and I

Finally, choose a background that offers strong contrast to everything you have.

Although it is NOT required, you might like to buy the book that inspired this Mystery, Surprise Yourself.  It is written by two very creative and different quilting personalities, Charlotte Angotti and Debbie Caffrey and is filled with ideas and piecing instructions that offer a variety of methods to create each of the blocks you will be making in this multipart mystery.

* 6 colors!!!!! How busy does the focus fabric have to be!!?? Well, think Kaffe Fassett, or a floral, or oriental. Anything that has a rainbow of colors will be suitable but the design itself should not be a large print.

If you would like to participate, come to Bright Hopes on July 11 to pick up your first page of instructions.

Every two weeks thereafter, you may pick up the next page until you have received a total of 6.

At our Annivesary in September, we will do the Big Reveal! At that time you will receive our instructions to put your quilt together.

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