Monday, April 14, 2014

4th Saturday Whoo-HOO!

For some time now, Bright Hopes Quilting has been closed on the 4th Saturday of each month (and the odd 5th Saturday) but starting in the month of April, we have added the 4th Saturday of each month as OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!!

As on the other Saturdays, our hours are 9:30 am  to 2:00 pm.

To really KICK THINGS OFF, the 4th Saturday this month we are hosting a day of Quilting for the Brave: a new drive to make 168 quilts by September (ish) and donate them to returning soldiers right here in Louisiana. Anyone reading this post is invited to participate in any manner they possibly can.

Our First Stay and Quilt day is Saturday, April 26. We will be working in two shifts (morning and afternoon) to accommodate people who cannot take all 5 hours to sew. You may bring your fabrics and sewing machine and do the piecing; you can bring a friend and share the fun of running to the ironing board; you can bring with you Red, White and Blue 'strings' and foundation and make a bunch of 12.5" string blocks..... however you would like to participate. You know, you can even donate 100% cotton fabric for guilds to make up the quilts.

So, what is this all about?...... members of the Louisiana National Guard are deployed in Afghanistan and will be returning this fall and our goal is to wrap every one of them in a quilt as they step back onto Louisiana soil. The 'rules' for the quilts are few.

1. The colors used should be Red White and Blue and Yellow if you wish as it signifies  Welcome Home and the fabric must be 100% cotton.
2. Each finished quilt should measure at least 60" x 72" inches. or larger.
3. If the fabrics you choose have a floral theme, please keep it subtle.
4. Please attach a label identifying who pieced and quilted it.
5. If possible, include a pillowcase to keep the quilt protected until it is given.

You can make any quilt design you would like. There are plenty of free patterns online and we have ideas at the shop and bundles of fabric and easy patterns if you would like to buy some. Nothing needs to be elaborate or difficult. These are 'labors' of love and should reflect a giving back to those who have given to our country.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment of give us a call. Drop in and see how the stack begins to grow in a couple of weeks.

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