Saturday, August 31, 2013

Anniversary Pincushion Swap-ola!

Well, would you believe it? 

 Bright Hopes Quilting is turning 10 this month!

Ten years ago, Pearl opened the door to Mandeville's first complete quilt shop and now, we are gearing up to celebrate like it's 2013! Oh yeah....... it IS!

Man alive, I can't grasp that so many years have gone and so many quilts have passed through the doors but it's true. 

We are going to celebrate the occasion over the three days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 19-21 and along with the sales and specials, we are hosting a Pincushion Swap.

Who can have too many pincushions, I ask you!? I have one specifically for the long-arm, one at the sewing machine, two on the cutting table that also act as weights for rolled up patterns and Heat n Bond type papers, and a few more just hanging around. 

Make a fun and unique pincushion, place it in a Brown Paper Bag and staple it (or we'll do that here) so no one can peek inside. Then, bring it in prior to the Anniversary or during the Sales Days and swap it for someone else's.

 Now, these should be not be purchased but rather, handmade and new. We carry patterns here at the shop and walnut shells for filling or you can find lots of free patterns on the internet by googling the words. 

As 10 is the Big Number, all of our specials are revolving around this number: 10 fat quarter bundles, patterns that feature ten fabrics, you get the drift.

So, stop by during the 3-day Celebrations and join us as we party down! 

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