Thursday, June 20, 2013

Calendar of Classes for July and August, 2013

Okay, quilters!

 Here you go..... I know the blog has been silent for a few months but our gears are definitely turning at Bright Hopes Quilting with new samples, new fabrics, new books and patterns and a whole slew of classes to fit every desire.

Check them out and give us a call to save your place!

Now...if you are using an iPad or iPhone and cannot see this this PDF file...... It is a problem that exists between Apple and  Adobe.      what to do, what to do?

Well, folks, I have tried several different "fixes" to remedy this and every suggestion so far has failed. If anyone out there has figured out a way around this problem, please let us know.


Michelle Smith said...

There is a website PDF to JPG that will
Convert your PDF for free so you can post it as a JPG for all to see :) Hope that helps :)

Chris said...

HMMMMMM... do you think if would one like our multi-page calendar? I went to the site (thank you for this idea!) and can't determine.......