Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

As the year draws to a close, this is a time of reflection and forward-looking. So much has happened in the past twelve months, so many projects have walked in and out of the doors and friends have passed away. They will be very missed and well-remembered.

The New Year Looms

Did you keep any Resolutions from last year? Did you make any new ones for 2013? Goals can be a very good thing! I heard once that a goal is "a dream with a date". That's pretty good!

I made a goal to finish a quilt a month back in January and no, I didn't succeed! But on the other hand, I didn't fail miserably either. A few did get all the way through the binding process but no, not 12. sigh.

I do, however, plan to make that one of my resolutions again in another week because goals are in fact important. Not to beat yourself up for failing but as a measure of progress.

So, having gone out on that limb, with the handsaw strapped to my belt, here I go again!
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1. FINISH one quilt each month, all the way through the binding.
2. Go through all the magazines and reduce the stacks in half. ALL of them.
3. Organize the fabric trays and show photographic proof right here. (ooo... this one might get me in trouble!)
4. Mail Talley's wedding quilt before July..... before their second anniversary. There! FIFY!
5. Quilt the Victory Quilt or die trying.
6. Donate two quilts. Or more.
7. Lose 15 pounds. Srly this time. (anybody with me?)
8. Start Christmas prep in August.

Okay, that is a good beginning. Very concrete goals. Nothing wishy-washy in that list and every one of them totally doable, right?

No. 7 is the creeper in the lot, however. I said this last year and lost not one pound. Grrr..... any advise out there? Except "cut out bread". I keep running into that one and my knee-jerk reaction is "la la lala, I can't hear you!" (I can; I have chosen not to. So far. )

Okay, so New Year, New Goals, New Beginnings!

As we finish a quilt, or at least, as we get close to finishing a quilt, our attention turns to new ones, right? If you are looking for a new project, Bright Hopes Quilting is a great place to check out!

Along with some very good kits and pattern bundles we have sprinkled throughout the store, we have some new Blocks of the Month series starting up in February. If you get the weekly newsletter, you already know about two of them. There is another in the works as well; we are awaiting the fabric for confirmation.

This is Kaleidoscope, a HUGE quilt and a nice mix of pieced blocks with applique sprinkled on the borders.

... and this is Noa's Garden and we'll be featuring the beautiful new Victorian Modern fabric line. Again, just a touch of applique to keep it interesting.

For the uninitiated, BOMs are a fun way to make an entire quilt over the course of a year, block by block each month, without the added stress of picking out the fabrics and hauling it all home to tackle whole. Each month, you pick up a kit to make at your speed and convenience. If you are at a distance, we are happy to mail it out. At the end, you will have completed a large quilt, hopefully learned a new technique or two and are ready to select your backing, batting and quilter. We supply all the fabric including binding and the patterns for one monthly price. And if you compare ours to a catalogue BOM, you will find our pricing far more reasonable.

 If you are interested in joining the BOM program, give us a call at 985-845-9554 or email at brighthopes1@bellsouth.net.

We Wish You All A Merry Christmas! 
Be safe out there through the holidays and have a Happy New Year!

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