Monday, November 12, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

We here on the Gulf of Mexico know first-hand how devastating and lasting the effects of a hurricane can be to a "community". We also witnessed the generosity of our fellow citizens as we began the 'recovery process'. The difference between  and Sandy is weather.

It is really terribly cold and after 2 weeks there is still no relief in sight for thousands. So many have lost so much.

If you would like to help in large ways or small, please visit and see what these good people in Colorado are preparing to do.

They are planning to ship up 5000+ quilts to the most needy and are asking all quilters to donate what they can with quilts and cash. They are joining forces with Timeless Treasures and to get this done.

If you want to help, please go to for a comprehensive FAQ list  or send email questions to: 

Yes, even ONE quilt will make difference to someone.

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