Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flower Box Medley

Bright Hopes Quilting hosts several local quilt groups each month and one of them is Sharp Needles, a collection of quilters with various sewing techniques. Several are into applique and two are working on this beautiful project, Flower Box Medley by Colette Belt.  
This pattern is perfect for both the experienced quilter as well as the beginner. The pieces are large enough to have fun with and there aren't too many of them to get intimidated by. 
 Here you can see a couple of finished blocks and the one they are now working on.

Linda (left) using a technique of finger-pressing the seam allowance to the back and basting it fast. She then pins the pieces to the background and proceeds to stitch each piece in place.
 Karen (below) traces each piece onto waxed butcher paper and cuts them out accurately. She irons this to the right side of her fabric and trims to 1/4" for seam allowance. Then using the 'red dot' fabric as her positioning device, she needle-turns each piece using that paper template as her guide as to where to stitch.

These two went on a road trip to LaGrange, Texas to see the Texas Quilt Museum and turned it into their own "shop hop". At night they worked on these blocks and came to the meeting to blow me away with the results! Nice work, ya'll..... thanks for sharing it with us.

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