Friday, July 20, 2012

Chez Moi "Sophie" by Moda

A few weeks ago, a friend on Facebook posted this handy chart she found by Benartex and I thought, how nifty is that! 

So I promptly saved it in for future reference. Go ahead and print it out..... I'll wait!

As a FQ fan, I tend to collect them, (lots of them!) and when I want to make a pattern or come up with one myself, I have to stop and do the math..... Not Any More. With that chart, I can quickly determine what I can get out of what I have on hand. It is amazing what you can cut out of a yard or two of fabric. 

Which brings me to this:

"Sophie" by Chez Moi at Moda

Here is a bundle that's hard to resist....... 6 fat quarters and 1 1/2 yard length of the beautiful bouquets...  The colors are clean and perfect for a simple quilt for just about anyone.   It would a great sleep-over quilt for a young girl or with enough blue, it can even be a sweet baby boy's crib quilt. 

Well, what can you make with 3 yards of fabric?  Slice up the FQs into half square triangles, make them spin in pinwheels and throw the outer border on for a fast lap-quilt. 

Need it bigger? Add a splash of Moda Marble blue as sashing and inner border.  

Need it even bigger? Add your own neutral or dark chocolate as a background color for the pinwheels and double the size of the finished quilt. 

What can make it even better? How about 30% off  as a FlashStashSale? 

Regularly priced at $29.99, this 3 yard bundle is available at $20.99 for a short time only while supplies last!

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pizzaeater said...

Thanks for the chart. I will use it because I love FQs too. They are like potato chips. You can't eat just one. You need the whole bag! If a colorway is available in FQs at my local store, I'll buy it. No questions asked.

Chris said...

I know! Isn't that chart great!!!! It's like another 'duh!' moment..... how many times have I calculated this very thing but never written it down for future reference?

Someone at the shop said any quilter with a stash has the ingredient to make a super quilt because they tend to collect complementary fabrics. I think that is true.... I have towers of FQs that have nothing to do with each other but could live happily together in a quilt.

Thanks for reading! (love your 'handle'.....)